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[̼Ϲ] Chao-Liang SHEN-Taiwan Artist
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Chao-Liang SHEN

ʫSTAGE֪ͧӨ. , 2012ҴڱӨҴSTAGE-ڸ2012SIPFʥҴҮʫѢ10ؽءڸνSTAGEڱSINGER֪ͧΦҴѺؽ۰,μ, 絕ʢκ趁


STAGE series of Chao-Liang SHEN was constantly award, catches much attention of international Curators and art critics. With the great honor, Mr. SHEN was invited to Fotoseptiembreusa in Taxes (U.S.A) and Singapore International Photography Festival(SIPF2012). His exhibitions come in quick succession, next step in October, at the Taipei fine art museum, he will show the most complete STAGE series and unexposed SINGER series. Those images sought to break away from the visual expression and form of the traditional documentary approach by trending towards a new-angled contemporary mode that seamlessly integrates environmental portraits, visual grouping and category construction. Now all audience have chance to experience the precious Taiwanese local culture with Mr. SHEN, next month at Taipei fine art museum!


2012 SIPFʥҴ Singapore International Photography Festival

Ѣ Duration2012. 10. 05 – 2012. 11. 17


Illusion Reality: The Photo Exhibition of Shen Chao-Liang

VenueءڸνקEϡ Gallery E

ѢDuration2012. 10. 13 – 2012. 11. 25


2012 FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA International Photography Festival

ѢDuration2012. 09. 01 - 2012. 10. 24

ڸACCѦϰͪ畫ңάѢڸνݼߣ⣬Ҵ10份٣ʫߵAnselm ReyleڡFundstücke֤άң̿ϹͣʫΦ21ѺΡء嶄ڸʣ߾νMOCAEMU£ؽʫ٣ڣؽκ眾翱豐ݣ


Now is residency in New York, I-Chen KUO got award of ACC Artist Residency Institution. Recently in addition to his previous exhibitions in Hiroshima MOCA, Busan and Tokyo, he is going to participate group exhibition-Fundstücke in Berlin which also invited international established artist-Anselm Reyle. All artist will play with this phenomena, feign daily routine, mirror their surrounding and reflect in most different ways artificiality that can only be produced out of the complexity of society of nowadays. Not only international shows, last week in Taipei MOCA, I-Chen KUO was pleasure invited to exhibit his work-Lost Contact in Crush EMU which includes various talented Taiwanese new media artists, leading by well-known curator Ching-Wen CHANG and Chien-Hung HUANG, this show will bring audience soar into the extensive digital art world.


Fundstücke Fragment - sign - symbol

VenueBerlin E105 GalleryHeidestrae 50 , 10557 Berlin

ѢDuration2012. 10. 26 – 2012. 12. 01


EMU Crush on EMU

Venueν MOCA Taipei

ѢDuration2012. 09. 04 - 11. 04

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