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Were pleased to introduce a distinguished artist in his artistic discourse with profound aesthetic and virtuosity, his singular show coming  to you

Discourse in Aesthetic
of Art Works
Alvin Lee, Bung Lyol

The  Logos of Nature, Mixed media, 84X48cm,2007

View of 'The Logos in Nature'
by Alvin Lee

xtraordinarily in his brilliant paintings
The great nature itself, brings us a certain significance of goodness, it is intangible and indescribable something that seemingly both has a mysterious object harmonizing each other by mingling among creatures. If we approach in regarding to the nature as a philosophic discourse  a  language of 'Logos' in the universe,  we forever probably couldn't be able to  verify entirely about curious queries, accordingly we  necessarily should  put a provocative issue about it consistently, such as, what is the practical meaning of the nature? It is an exiting subject that might be casting  that a curious issue to every artists who have to survey beyond  its wonder and oddity. Look at the petal, and imagine it, there is nothing same shape, among illuminating colors in the great nature.

In this reason why we may, on aesthetic view, particularly for the artists, seriously  cling to identify of its grandeur and eager to verify from the most worthwhile thing, even want to express some shapes. It is real beauty itself and indescribable substance of them. With mysterious principles in it, however , the more we try to know that, we may  getting in more puzzle of its own oddity in inscrutable, so that we can't help admiring in utmost greatness and a profound meaning, because itself beyond metaphysical word that is to be just aesthetic resource. Therefore I put the Logos in Nature and weather map as my theme in my painting, because there is nothing more important fact that our environment is only a place on the planet for the humans living and existence. It is obviously precious one itself rather than any arts.

Aesthetic World
To be a human being in purity, we have to return to the innocence along with a genuine and even sacred mind as if ever since our cradle was. In the nature as a mother on earth itself is now telling to us indescribable things and attractiveness spontaneously, and shown slightly by hidden variety of visible or invisible object. It but has contained enormous meaningful messages as a certain sign of profoundness or stillness, it seems like unknown code of a secret in the nature. All that makes us eager to epitomize into the visual rhetoric. In fact, to being or to be survival for the present, on earth including scientists there have been many people who are striving to decipher somewhat of a riddle as it secret's code onto the dignity of nature, unfortunately the more if they try to know about it, the deeper to get into its distraction of the complicated world. As the result the people would totally goes far into chaotic world where they will be straggled to maintain their existence in the universal order.
Therefore the naturalizing forms in essence of it that is must be more an inextricable realm to those who are strived the creative something specials by seeing that particularly for the artists. No one who can ever been analyzed it yet , and  they can't  make  it visible or invisible forms completely, they even couldn't  recognized it even a little part. Yes, unless otherwise, it's a fate that anyone should be disappeared from the universe, it might never and ever could be identified its greatness by only power of man, unfortunately, because it's beyond the world where has a meaning of transcendent.

                        The weather Map –  Low Pressure , Mixed media, 80X48cm,2009
But no matter how is it difficult thing staggering me by it, every time I used to imagine just what I need to look into some of core shapes regarding this ambiguous thing, which even rather looking much abstruse object of code, but it by itself has already melted down into my soul and mind that has formed perfectly by imbuing into the nature. After that I just can grab a little its visual recognition which inspired me from the nature. Therefore, now and forever I will dare to challenge continuously in order to capture a core figure of its epiphany like a poet, by plotting not only aesthetic views, but also seeking for a new creative factor and visual words as a metaphor. In which are condensed into a consciousness of beauty in my artistic realm by them, but must try not to be a banal stuff just seeing it outwardly beyond the terminology of ISM or category of art trends. Accordingly, I consider that  the artistic world as an original thing is likely some primitive one of ritual in the prehistory of mankind derivate from one's instinct of its great curiosity or epiphany . It is definitely giving me some of the motivating energy to depict something, that is my firmed confidence and intuition.

       To being itself, it's difficult thing to identified subject in the eternity of nature, because of  ambiguity in intrinsic value. However, I dare to continually attempt to create by exploring them with my efforts in full of thoughts, by visualizing in words of metaphor and irony or paradox and I do focus on creative working toward the greatness of nature regarding a certain vague forms from the nature, draw forth a new formative method by look into it carefully, by use of any kinds of mediums through my deep contemplation, which is all that I have to pursue and to research consistently on 'Logos in Nature'. These are freely shall be expressed it in my discretion as an artists, by there I can feeling a sense of concordance  that I can imagine. However it is not the cynical side but merely empathy with them, blending together, I want to say the optimistic. As much as I try, it might be accomplished as diverse metaphysical languages of symbolic, semiotic, juxtaposition, Irony, dichotomy etc. paint into my space of heart.

Weather Map –Cloud 9 ,Mixed media, 80X52cm,2009

Aesthetic Discourse as Weather Map


   In the universe, a human being whose figure is just an extremely tiny and slightest thing, merely a trifling fragment, composing with in it, so that men are inevitably faces in many hazards by experiencing goes through from the natural disaster and openly encounter lots of diseases inevitably on their living. It is making always more jeopardizing to our life of the present surviving on the planet hardly. Particularly, a certain catastrophe upon the nature much brings openly the great influences into the human in what's ever situations, all the more, from time to time, is disappeared by his rigorous order from the heaven, and completely without any traces from its existence on, indeed it is an immense thing. That's why we can't help kneeling down before the majestic power of the nature and nothing but we have to be subordinated by its greatness apart from religions

      Thus, we, ourselves just as a man whose attitude in front of him, obviously we should have a modest attitude in obeying spontaneously, because its a wise way that we need to aware the fact that human beings who are like a feather under the category of the God's control, despite utmost force by themselves. Unlimited space has some kind of magical mighty not only, in principle, abruptly is changing consistently the climate on the planet upon unfounded mutations under a divine but multiplies their movement unceasingly.

   As artist,  now I'm thrilling that my view I focus on these phenomenon of the weather's changes, so I dare to begin to go on a questing to verify and to examine these tremendously various incidents caused, and all the changes which are seen by experiencing and captivating of visual point, only by using a brush touch with a sensitivity and my aesthetic view. Recently, throughout the earth is suffering heavily upon environmental pollutions, disruptions, contaminated by slurring of carbon dioxide and many kinds of toxic materials, and the human fallacy instantly by mischief.

Therefore we all probably feels great anxiety that confronts in enormous danger caused its experiencing, seeing the many tragic moments and risky. According to a certain expert's mentioned, "such tendencies of the present if the planet further contaminated by air pollutions etc. and shall be increased rapidly. Not be long within 20years, as we calling  it Global Warming in earth, the temperature shall be least 2 degree goes up warmer, so that many regions of the land would be sink then many places, lands are flooded under water by rising the sea level with a bit high." So unfortunately, dreadfully all the animals, beings and plants both shall be stirred and might be vanished away beyond the earth."They are predict and saying like this.

Unfortunately  it is a bloodcurdling story happen in a moment. If we were to see such a biggest calamity, we can remind it wretched figures and furious things what it's happened, at the same time we all should have in a sincere repentance into our mind either even yearning its significant scenes or meaningfulness. So we necessarily have to see its reality and I want to catch it my personal views as an artist, how could I grab some of visual point through about it's dynamic rocking my soul? Or how I could adopt it how to apply on my aesthetic views to on canvas? Anyhow, it is a very difficult but an excited thing and even sophistical matter, even if there is any sarcastic talks by someone, but it is a thrilling task that I might be captured the moment of magnificence, and both to sublime them into my pictorial views and converge its tangible thing into my over flowing imagination to my artworks, which is definitely interesting subject and amazing matter, to point out them critical and delicate view, that is, it is a provocative issue through my eyes with psychological, paradoxical, even satire, witty point derived from the spirit and aspiration

Weather-Map, Fruits Mutation after rain , Mixed Media ,52 X 40.5cm,2010

Riddle of Myth, Mixed media, 80X 52cm,2013

As looking back on childhood, a funny thing I used to enjoy a papered pin- wheel by whirling in the wind, from the west direction, sometime the south, like an electronic fan's moving, get more fun, climb to hillside where was quite playground. On the contrary, I remember chatting with friends there, when its caused much raining, there have naturally formed a tiny brook by a pit with mud, where we had played a water game, by breaking out the bank from upside its watering to downside, it was an extremely  fun I thought, even it was just a game to get a fun but now it make me remind of a terrible reminiscence from those game which was a horrible memory or experience in overlapping the present weather, now unexpectedly, magically has happening in the same manner on the planet frequently.


Because of we all are irresistibly imprisoned by his immense force like a manacle. Through on those reflections from the weather, we serious know that now it lies in weather changes,  but either we by our extremely egoism, just want to be being in a safety, or pleasantly stay on that situation and to being a stable circumstance of the planet. But it's a rough situation, I myself to see them, paradoxically I can imagine its unique shapes emerging from weather changes, even grotesque, bizarre as well those are modifying forms to be expressed with my enthusiasm,  I consider there few artists who dare to challenge to its immensity except my paintings as cynical metaphor

Weather Map- Avaricious, Mixed media, 84X50cm,2014


'The Weather Map'

  But in line with, although it's an expressive way by limited thought rather than concrete, or to be brush-stroke line with ultimately natural figure by abstract or concrete feature. After all, any way that could be making a blur or symbolic gesture into my artworks, practically which might be unknown code of my own unique formative languages and artistic  concept.


     Through this imaginative action by my brain storming , I'm try to find out something metaphysic words of formative in its oddity, the nature it's unfolded scenery are naturally providing us amazing things like mystical, conjuring something by captivating and either it may be healing, make refreshing, refining of human's mind some time in some way, the moment our eyes keeping on, it shall be immersed in optical illusion as much clear as crystal, as if when we looking at the landscape in white clouds, green forests even stirring up colored field, of which I want to paint on my canvas its wonder and virtuosity. However, it 's all of those are merely humble expressions what we want are still in an anxiety of living.

   The Weather Map ', it is a great issue that the people's perception in  my art works could be understood not only my formative view point and even visible well through those artworks, for all the viewers as well to appreciate it, let them to be absorbed in brilliant looking about the nature rather than even some queer feeling in their life. Apart from my point of view, upon honesty if we were human being we all should once consider it for our life and get some of introspection in life through the last time. As far as we alive, definitely we should be remained a warrantable planet as beautiful legacy of creatures to our descendant as long as we're able to preserve for, I think at least it is  significantly cogent theory something, even though it may be ambiguous thing or it is an egregious logic

In conclusion,

      In conclusion,

       I want to say that is about the fact of the whole nature was created by the God, both evolution and creation and other creatures which also are home in living for survival . We were constrained by relating radical changes of nature, and not be free by departing the great nature. As if we were born, all the nature and creatures in the underlying principles within this mechanism, keeping , emerging and disappearing repeatedly, and moving on sustainable for his existence beyond the eternity. Therefore,

'The weather Map' of my paintings seriously means what do we living for? How should we live on earth?, even though these queries seems to queer and absurd, unfortunately, we all dwell in desire for having only in materialism, but obviously they are to be in vain in the long run, it is because affected our fate by which way going to choose as well, so as we thought, so I will let the people are aroused this serious issue on the weather map once again by visualizing a plot of artworks, I wish discover for some exclusive one in my works consistently., and will explore to unknown world of my imagination on my space of heart. To explore it mystery is to venture towards the sublime said by Artist, Joseph Cornell who I respect.



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