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2024. 7. 18

Hong kong Contemporary 14
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날 짜 2014-02-12 16:49:11
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  281 Gloucester Road,
Causeway Bay,
Hong Kong
Wish you a prosperous year of the hourse

Hong Kong Contemporary 14

With the novel concept “exhibition x bazaar” of tumtum.hk, 2014 Art Spring Collection has been a huge success. The opening party was a fun night with readers, artists and designers gathering together at Moon Gallery. Since we announced the application and the event, we have got a lot of media attention and applications from several local artists. We hope Hong Kong art scene will be even more vibrant like a horse with your support.
      Japanese emerging artists  
    This year Hong Kong Contemporary has collaborated with C/LABORATORY to further promote emerging artists. 12 promising artists from Japan are selected to join the fair. Sharing a similar vision, Hong Kong Contemporary and C/LABORATORY work together to bring cross-cultural experiences to young artists and facilitate new creative movements.  
  HKC Restaurant Partnership Scheme      
  In response to the great demand, Restaurant Partnership Scheme of Hong Kong Contemporary has returned this year. Our previous partners were highly satisfied about the promotion and their positive corporate image as great supporters of arts in Hong Kong. Do not miss the chance to promote your restaurants this year!

HKC Exhibition Fee
Deluxe Suite (74㎥) US$ 6,800.00 (Full)
Excutive Suite (55㎥) US$ 5,400.00 (Full)
Deluxe (27㎥) US$ 4,100.00
Superior (25㎥) US$ 3,700.00 (Limited space avaliable)
Do not miss your last opportunity to join the most vibrant art scene in the world!
  Download the pdf application form here
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Miss Ran Lee

tel: (82) 10 4642 7383
email: kr_admin@hkc.com.co
Miss Stella Tsui
tel: (852) 2858 1771
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