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2024. 6. 21

Summer Berlin Biennale
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UNIGLOBE Perfect Connections
Berlin Biennale


This summer Berlin Biennale 2014 is the major attraction of Europe where many renowned artists works from all over the world will be on display along with many other collateral events.
Rajesh Sagara, a renowned sculptor and painter and Sharmila Sagara, an art writer and critic will provide you artistic knowledge to appreciate works of contemporary art world in an unforgettable artistic experience.
Berlin, the German capital, is famous for its outstanding attractions its flourishing cultural scene and a way of life that re emerged from the aftermath of world war II to become one of the world’s centres of culture. The city rich with its stunning landscapes, sparkling waterways, vast lakes, and endless stretches of forest and parkland has been inspiring to artists to work in the fields of art, architecture, music and culture. The city's dark and turbulent history also provides artists and filmmakers with much evocative material as that contributes most to its status as a creative hot spot more known as ‘New Berlin’. Thriving with many museums, art galleries, nightlife, artists’ studios, operas, restaurants and old and new architecture, Berlin combines the past and present as a major centre of culture today.
Your 7 days tour to Berlin Biennale 2014 with renowned artists includes:
  • Berlin Biennale 2014- 2 day visit
  • Major art and culture museums at the gallery island
  • artists’ studio - interaction with artists
  • discussion on contemporary art
  • Fete de la Musique experience live bands across Berlin
  • One day visit to the famous museums of Doha
  1. Museum of Islamic Art
  2. Mathaf
Tour Dates: 20Jun to 26Jun 2014
Join us for an experiential tour that will enhance the aesthetic experience of the city of Berlin.
Contact: Uniglobe Perfect Connections

101 Setu SP Nagar off C.G Road Ahmedabad – 380006
Isha Parekh/Drashti Patel/Pooja Kothari
Ph: 91 79 40218010/11/31

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