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Art Basel Crowdfunding
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August 26, 2015
San Art Laboratory-Session 3: Ngoc Nau is working in her studio. 2013
Projects from Sri Lanka and Vietnam
Since its launch, the Art Basel Crowdfunding Initiative has raised over $500,000 USD, and supported 24 visual arts projects in reaching their goals. In almost a year over 3000 backers have pledged to non-profit art organizations from 9 countries. Visit our curated page on Kickstarter to explore the non-profits and their projects made possible thanks to your generosity and participation.

Raking Leaves just launched their campaign for a specially commissioned artist book project involving 9 contemporary Sri Lankan artists. The award-winning organization based in Sri Lanka, publishes printed matter in order to present contemporary art to a broad public. The A-Z of Conflict takes its cue from everyday children’s alphabet books, only in this case, each letter of the alphabet is related to conflict, mirroring the political and cultural context of a country ravaged by war.

San Art from Vietnam, closed its campaign with 156% funding. Thanks to your support, the organization will now host ‘Cycle 7’ of their artist-in-residency program, the only program of its kind in Southeast Asia.

Learn more about how you can support innovative non-profit art organizations around the world, receive creative rewards and engage with the projects directly through the Art Basel Crowdfunding Initiative.
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An update from the United States
The summer residency program at ACRE (Artists' Cooperative Residency and Exhibitions) is well underway in Steuben, Wisconsin. Click here to see the artists in progress. In June, ACRE raised enough money to complete the plans for their renovation and transformation of an eccentric former funeral parlor into a flexible exhibition-work space for their expanding Chicago programming.
After installing a series of 100 artist-produced billboards along Interstate 10 Freeway from Florida to California, LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division) presented the Culminating Weekend of its Manifest Destiny Billboard Project in LA. View the images of artist programs, readings, screenings, performances, installations, conversations, and other city-happenings.
Watch a video of Minneapolis’ the Soap Factory’s unique and immersive June performance of their take on the opera Wise Blood, made possible by the 201 backers supporting their campaign on Kickstarter.
Start your campaign
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