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2019. 12. 12

    [동양화] 허미자 ㅣ Huh,Mi-Ja 3452
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Huh, Mi- Ja
Graduated from college of Fine Art,
Sungshin Women's University / B.F.A, M.F.A

Solo Exhibitions
2009 The 9th Solo Exhibition (Gallery Grimson)
2006 The 8th Solo Exhibition (Gallery Goyang art studio)
2004 The 7th Solo Exhibition (Gallery Kumsan)
2003 The 6th Solo Exhibition (Lastrada)
1999 The 5th Solo Exhibition (Gallery Fusion)
1996 The 4th Solo Exhibition (Gallery JangHung Total)
1994 The 3rd Solo Exhibition (Gallery MeeGun)
1991 The 2nd Solo Exhibition (Gallery Total)
1984 The 1st Solo Exhibition (Gallery KwanHoon)

Selected Group Exhibitions
2009 Gallery Insa Art Center, Seoul
      The Dongduk art gallerySensitivity & Abstraction (Cyart gallery)
2008 ESSENTIIELLE (The Space)
2007 Daegu Art Fair (EXCO),Seoul Open Art Fair (COEX)
        Korea International Art Fair 2007 (COEX)
2006 Opera Gallery, Seou
2005 Gallery Insa Art Center, Seoul
2004 Romane Conti, Seoul
2003 HyunJacSo, Seoul Gallery JeongRo
2002 Gallery Leeze, Yangpyeong, Gallery Agio
2001 Gallery JangHeong Total, Gallery Leeze, Yangpyeong
2000 Seoul Museum of Art
1998 Gallery Fusion, Seoul, Gallery Dooson, Seoul
1997 KwanHun Art Museum, Seou 63 Gallery, Seoul
1996 Gallery WallerHill, Seoul, Sosbore,Japan
1994 Gallery MeeGun, Seoul SeoKyoung Gallery, Seoul Seoul Arts Center, Seoul
1993 Gallery KwanHoon, Seoul National Museum of Contemporary Arts, Seoul
1992 Seoul Arts Certer, Seoul

Heo mi-ja’s painting consists of the applications of line, the buoyant fast touches, a stroke, the free spread beyond the ‘pictorial’ expression. At the moment drawing a line, it could be opened the possibility connecting the world with the better world, inner and outer part of painting, and the image of things in rigidity and formula with the mysterious way. And it softly evokes the longing for the freer world than the reality on the whole part of painting. This indeed can be understood about the painting should be defined ‘transparently’ in purified recognition.
Untitled 34X50cm mixed media 2009
Untitled 35X130cm mixed media 2009
Untitled 60X135cm mixed media 2009
Untitled 90X200cm mixed media 2009
Untitled 90X200cm mixed media 2009
Untitled 90X200cm mixed media 2009