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2019. 12. 12

    [서양화] 엄태림 l Eom,Tae lim 3314
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Eom, Tae Lim (嚴泰林)

Graduated from Hanyang University

Solo Exhibition
2010 Art Seoul- Solo Booth  Invitation  Exhibition (seoul art center)
2008 Solo Invitation Exhibition (Cosmos  Gallery)
2001 Water Color Solo  (Bucheon Culture And Art Center)-Decision

2-Person Exhibition
2003 2-Person Exhibition(Lotte Gallery)
1993 2-Person Exhibition (ChungHakDae Art Center)

Art Fairs
2010 Art Seoul (seoul art center)-Decision
2009 Art Shanghai (Shanghaimart)
2008 Artexpo New York (Javits convention center)
2008 Art Shanghai (Shanghaimart)
2008 SOAF (Coex, Korea)

Selected Group Exhibitions
2008 Beijing Olympic Games Commemoration Exhibition
(Sa cheon National Contemporary Museum Of Arts)
2007 Korea Professional Artist Mall Festival (Seoul Art Center)
2007 Korea Art Festival (Sejong Art Center)
2006 'Cheonggye Stream 100-ho Painting Exhibition'
Korea Professional Artist Association (Sejong Art Center)
2005 Duksu Palace Open Yard 6-Person Invitational Exhibition(All Gallery)
2000 Mexico Watercolors Biennale (Mexico)
1992,1995 Korea-China Watercolor Exhibition
1989,1992 Asian Watercolor Federation Exhibition (Thailand, Japan)

Steering Committee Director - Korea Professional Artist Association
A Member of Korean Fine Arts Association
I use the combination form of the man and woman, I with creation and change of space all things show a disappearance from here, and I used simply color and distorted form and the simply form.  From here the yellow means the centers in five directions from positive and negative principles five line. To center of the woman the lotus flower and the lightning bit and the spring which symbolizes the sex came to draw. To the breast the spirit pattern form is coming to draw like tattooing. To the hip of the woman there is fecundity and a genitals and the deferment which means rich and noble bites and (the saw tooth bit,) is coming to draw. To above with the body of the woman is undersized differently relatively and there is features of the male who is not decease appearance. Character the fleshy inside of the thigh of the numerous woman means the birth human being.
The forms of the women symbolize the human being. With timely, warfare, jealousy, harmony and symbiotic etc. is peaceful, seeks a love from this picture. Aphrodite and Hera and Athena  which are credit from Greece Rome myth Oh, reel court lady they being beautiful, like being proud. I used a simple color and a hallucination color. This picture the maximum was gorgeous and emphasized a decoration characteristic.
The forms of most of this picture are having the form of the one monsters which will come out in Greece Rome myth. I drew the fact that creates space all things with positive and negative principles. I used the form of the human being and I expressed the creator. A bird is a messenger who connects the human being and the sky. The peony flower of character symbolizes richly and nobly.
Labyrinth 120X120 Cm Korean painting colors on a lime board 2009
Love 120X120 Cm Korean painting colors on a lime board 2009
My Hero 2 81.5X41.5 cm Korean painting colors on a lime board 2009
Yin and Yang 82X82 cm Watercolor on a lime board 2008
women 122X82 cm Watercolor on a lime board 2008
Yin and Yang 82X122 cm Watercolor on a lime board 2008