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2020. 7. 17

    [서양화] 김정남ㅣKim, Jung Nam 3025
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Kim Jung Nam

FA Dept. of Fine Art Gangneung Univ.
FA Dept. of Printing, Hongik Univ.
MFA Dept. of Printing, Hongik Univ.

Selected Exhibitions
4 times Solo Exhibitions 
Art Fairs
2006 / Kangwon Art Fair ( Won Ju)
2008 / MANIF ( Hangaram Museum, Seoul)

Selected Group Exhibitions
1992 Invitational Exhibition in New Art Creative ( Seoul)
1993 Invited to the  Korean Artists Exhibition by Uzbak  Republic( Central Museum)
1994 Young Artists Exchange Exhibition in Italy ( Baksang Gallery, Seoul) 서울 
1995 Invitational Young Artists Exhibition by MBC ( Cultural Center, Samchuck)
1996 Seoul Contemporary Art Festival ( Seoul)
2000 Special Exhibition in Kwangju Beinnale - Human Forest, Art Forest 
2001 International Prints Exchange Exhibition  for Korea - Japan Students ( Seoul)
2002 Internation Prints  Exhibition of Korea  and USA ( New York)
2004 Tokyo Global Art ( Tokyo Museum)
2006  Korea Young Artists  Beinnale  ( Daegu Art Center)
2007 Japan, Korea Contemporary Prints ( Tokyo),
The 1st Kwangju Art Vision ( Kwang ju Municipal Museum) 
 Over 110 times participated in various Exhibitions in Korea and Overseas


1992 Specially Selected for the New Art Exhibition
2003 2 times Selected for the Korea Contemporary Print Contest 
2009 Sinsaindang Art Exhibition


2008 Formal Lecturer in Kwandong Univ.

2002~2009 Lecturer, Kangneung Univ.