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2019. 12. 12

    [서양화] 이광복 ㅣ Rhee Kwang-Bok 5738
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Rhee, Kwang-Bok

Seoul Address : A-101 Dongil Billa 459-10 Gogang-Dong Ohjung-ku. Boochunci. 421-801.Seoul. Korea
Greece Address :  182 Aristotelous. 11251. Athens. Greece  Tel. -30210-8678-485

1985-1992  B.F.A. Athens National School of Fine Arts, Greece

One-Man Exhibitions
1992  Frist One-man Exhibition "Apple-002"/Kreonides Gallery.Athens.Greece
1993  Second One-man Exhibition "Frist People"/Agathi Gallery.Athens.Greece
1997  Third One-man Exhibition "Our Garden-1"/Kreonides Gallery.Athens.Greece
2002  "Mesogeios 2002 Apple"/Seoul Art Museum.Seoul.Korea
2003  "Mesogeios 2003 Apple"/Posco Gallery.pohang.Korea
2004  "Apple of Eden"/Chosun Gallery.Seoul.Korea
2007  "Mesogeios 2007 Apple"/Zourdos Gallery.hydra.Greece
2009  "Our Garden-2"/Insa Art-Center.Seoul.Korea

Group Exhibition
1983,1984.1987  Founding Member of Painting Group Exhibition/Surk, Kwanhoon Gallery.Seoul.Korea
1983  10th Independent Exhibition/National Mordern Art Museum.Seoul.Korea
1989  1st Painting Studio,Prof Mitaras Athens National School of Fine Arts "Mordern Painting"Exhibition/Titanium Gallery.Athens.Greece
1994  Lithograph and Etching Studio.Prof Exarhopoulos Athens National School of Fine Arts Exhibition/Athens Municipal Gallery.Athens.Greece
1994  3rd Apostoliki group Exhibition/Athens Pinakotiki. Athens.Greece
1999,2000,2001,2003  Mediterranean Group Exhibition/Koridallou Spirit Municipal Cultural Center Gallery,Athens.Greece
2003  "Life and Humour in these Day"/Sejsng Arts center Museum.Seoul.Korea
2004  Zurich International Arts Fair/Zurich convention Center.Zurich,swiss
2006  Greece & Korea "Morden Painting" Exhibition/ MelrinameliKuri Gallery. Athens. greece
2006,2007,2008  National Korea Nude Corquis Exhibition/Danwon Museum.Ansan.Korea
2007  "Ah!!! Lanscape of Hydra"/zdurdos Gallery.Hydra.Greece
2008  Seoul Journal Invitation Exhibition/Zai Gallery.Seoul.Korea
2009  "sogongdong People" Exhibition/31Gallery.Seoul.Korea
2010  "Korean Art Show"/Chosun Gallery,new york.U.S.A
Our Garden,(each24cmx40cm)x 365pcs,Oil Painting
Our Garden,130x162cm, Mixed Media
Our Garden (120x120cm,3pcs),Oil Painting
Our Garden (each 15cmx30cm)x 365pcs,Oil Painting
Our Garden , 10x10cm, Mixed Media
Our Garden(each 15X30cm) Mixed Media