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2019. 12. 12

    [서양화] 김장혁 ㅣ Kim, Jang Hyuk 3520
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Kim Jang Hyuk/ 김장혁

Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions
2018 figartive painting Grand festival ( Art Center, Hangaram Museum, Seoul )
2017 Free City ( Hangaram Museum, Seoul)
2010 MANIF Art Fair( Art Center, Seoul)
2016 Harmony ( Gallery Larmer)

Group Exhibitions
2019 Art Nordic Art Fair Denmark 
2019 Invitational showcase exhibition by 5 Artists ( Insa Art Plaza) 
PLAS 2018 Contemporary Art Show ( Coex)
Free City-II ( Gallery Arche, Seoul Korea)
Shanghai Art Fair ( China)
Strolling through the city-II ( Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea)
Strolling through the city ( Topo House, Seoul, Korea)
International Art Festival(Gabala,Ozerbaijon) invitational Exhibition
Cut one on credit ( Pyeongtaek Issue of the gallery of Arts)
Harmony ( GalleryLarmer, Seoul, Korea)
2008 798 KAF BEIJING 2008 (BEIJING 798 ART ZONE, )
2008 Line and Colour Exhibition ( Insa Art Center, Seoul)·
2007 Invited to MANIF13!07 ( Art center, Hangaram Museum,  Seoul)
2006 Exchange Contemporary Art Exhibition of Korea and India( Contemporary National Azan Museum , Nudeli, India)
More than 150 times, participated in various exhibitions in national and international

·2011 Best Prize in catholic art competition (
·1993~95 MBC Greand festival(Art Center, Seoul)
·1992 Special Prize in Donga Art Festival ( National Meseum of Art )
·1988 Excellent prize in Korea Grand Festival etc.

Secretary of KAMA, Songpa Art association

Concept of works

Dots are fragmentary traces of consciousness and unconsciousness. The shape of memory cannot be explained and understood by any analogy and theory. Transcendental... contain more than it's true colors and form It's not all I can see in my work. It is an act of consciousness to express the insubstantial fiction and ideals behind it. The parts of the work that are clearly illuminated in concrete form..
Dot and Zen 點을 긋고 禪을찍다[1].162.0x112.0cm.syringe.Acrylic on Canvas. .2011
DOt and Zen, Mixed media on canvas 56X108cm,
DOt and Zen, Mixed media on canvas , 98 cm Diameter
DOt and Zen, Acrylic, Mixed media on canvas, 90cm diameter,
DOt and Zen, DOt and Zen, Acrylic, Mixed media on canvas, 90cmx90cm