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2019. 12. 14

    [서양화] 정우범 l Jung, Woo Bum 5019
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Jung, Woo Bum

29times Solo Exhibitions
(Washington, Seoul, Busan, Kwangju, Paris so on )
Selected Group Exhibitions
1920 Now Watercolour Exhibition ( National Art Museum)
1995 New York Art Expo ( New York )
1999 Moscow International Art Fair
2002 Seoul Int'l Ar Fair ( Seoul Art Center)
2004 Singapore Art Fair (Singapore)
2005 Invited to Seoul Grand Art Festival ( Seoul Municipal Museum )
2006 Invitational Exhibition of Korea and China ( Shanghai )
2007 Istanbul Ar Fair ( Istanbul)
2009 Contemporary Exchanging Art Exhibition of  Korea and China ( Beijing )
Participated in numerous exhibitions in Korea and Overseas

His watercolour has a very special method in process of making it, the way of brush-stroke and waiting some hours with generosity while the colour with water that soaks on surface of the paper, finally those goes on turned up the utmost its beauty,so it has a his secret in his own way, nobody who couldn't mimic the method of processing to be completed in wartercolour work which seems like a magic. So far he focused on watercolour work only, has been working on it since his early stage,that are widly excited by many audience in Korea.

Under Exclusive Artist in Washing Michael Gallery
Fantasia- fruits 42x42cm,Watercolour on Paper 2011
Fantasia 100x 150cm, Watercolour on Paper 2011
Landscape 74x74cm Acrylic on Paper