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2019. 2. 23

    [서양화] 이익렬 l ㅣLee Ik Ryeol 1051
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Artists Name / lee, Ik Ryeol             
Born in 1964
1986 Graduated from Dept. of Fine Art, Hongik UNIV.

Selected Solo Exhibitions & Group Exhibitions
15 times Solo Exhibitions
Art Fairs & Selected Exhibitions
Artkorea London 2017 ( Le Dame Art Gallery, London, UK )
Art Basel Scope 2016
Miami Art Basel 2011.
Hotel Asia Contemporary Art Fair 2015(Hong Kong)
Asia Contemporary Art Fair 2014 (Seoul Lotte Hotel)
Korea Contemporary Art by Young Artists Group (Kyungin Art Center)
Metaphorical Expression by 10 Artists (Bttanggol Museum)
Formation-PROCESS(Total Museum),
Contemporary Watercolor Exhibition (Gwanhoon Museum)
UT-MOST Contemporary Artists (Gallery Door)
Donga Art Festival (National Museum of Art)
Aspect of Contemporary Art (Kyoto Art Center)
80’s post modern Artists (Chungyeon Museum)
Korea Contemporary young Artists (Art Center)
Machine Smoke (Hansun Gallery, Seoul)
Korea Installation Festival (Total Outdoor Museum)
Over several hundred times participated in various exhibitions

KARA Car Race Association,
SBS INJE International Circuit
Sam wha Papers Cor.

In the Art Critic
The title of this exhibit of Mr. Ikryeol Lee, Systems of Capitalism, is heavy. As the title sounds that of a book on sociality, choosing it as the title of an exhibit of a painter looks even reckless. Notwithstanding, the title is proper in explaining the paintings of Mr. Lee, who has ceaselessly been delving into the relationships between the modern civilisation and human being. This heavy and serious title covers the subjects of his entire exhibits in the past and present. The subjects related to civilisations of machines (Machine Begins (1987), Phantom of Machine (1989) and Machine Smoke (1990)), cityscapes (Cityscapes New York (2013) and Cityscapes Seoul (2013)) and human being and capitalism (Memories of Systems (2014) and Personality vs. Sociality (2015) and Blue Planet (2015)) let the paintings of Mr. Lee be interconnected in gigantic systems of capitalism.

Mr. Lee in fact paints cars on canvases. He searches for the potentials of dynamic scenes in various ways, specifically painting the images of races and drivers of Formula 1 and rally machines by expressionistic fast strokes of his brushes on canvases building textures on them. The shapes of sports cars and racers disappear being mixed with backgrounds by strokes of brushes and mix of colours and reappear like ghosts. This is not all. He also directs the scenes where the barriers between objects and background and between space and time are demolished, for example, by frequently overlapping car headlamps and landscapes around the road and racers wearing helmets and dusty-flying landscapes.
) Starting machines 2016,Acrylic on canvas 91cm X 116.5cm
Jenson Button's machine 2016,Acrylic on canvas 60.5cm X 72.5 cm
Future tower project 2014,Acrylic on canvas 91cm X 65cm
Harley Machine Acrylic on Canvas, 91cm X 65cm
machine trace 2016,Acrylic on canvas 60.5cm X 72.5 cm