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2019. 2. 23

    [서양화] 황은화 ㅣ Hwang Eun Hwa 985
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Hwang, Eun Hwa
Born in 1961

Education Background
MA. Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of The Arts London, UK
BA.  Fine Art, HongIk University

Solo Exhibitions
2014  The18th ‘Another View’Meahwyung-Bridge,Suwon, South Korea
2013  The17th ‘Another View’ invited by Ellen Kim Murphy Gallery, Yangpyeong, South Korea
2012  The16th ‘Another View’  invited by Gallery Song-A- Dang, Seoul, South Korea
2011  The15th ‘Another View’ invited by Aura Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2010  The14th ‘Another View’ invited by Seed Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2009 The13th ‘Another View’ invited by Sejong Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
The12th ‘Another View’ invited by Gallery Xeinzeno, Seoul, South Korea
2007 The 11th ‘Another View II’ invited by Alternative Space Noon, Suwon, South Korea
The 10th ‘Another View II-To Place’ invited by Gallery On, Seoul, South Korea
2006 The 9th ‘Another View’  invited by Alternative Space Noon Suwon / Gallery Que Sais Je, Seoul, South Korea
2005 The 8th ‘Another Space’ invited by Centre Culture Core’en, Paris, France
The 7th ‘Corner’ invited by Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
Art Fair
2015  Korea Galleries Art Fair, Coex, Seoul, South Korea
        Affordable Art Fair, DDP, Seoul, South Korea
2014  Korea Galleries Art Fair, Coex, Seoul, South Korea
        Seoul Open Art Fair (SOAF), Coex, Seoul, South Korea
2013  Seoul International Art Fair (KIAF), Coex, Seoul, South Korea

Selected Group Exhibitions (2005-2016)

2016  Art korea london 2016 (Le Dame Art Gallery, London, UK)
2015  Now us (Suwon I Park Museum of Art, Suwon, South Korea)
2014  From moment to moment(Jeju Museum of Art, Jeju, South Korea)
2012  Hybrid and difference ( Eskisehir National Archaeology Museum,Turkey)
2008  Blue ocean (Left Right International Art Zone, Beijing, China)
2007  Geumgang nature art pre-biennale 2007 (Kongju National Museum,South Korea)
2006  New flux in Paris (Mille Pliateaux Gallerie, Paris, France)
2005  Scenes (Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea)

2014    Suwon Foundation for Arts and Culture
2011    Il-gok  Cultural Foundation - Another View (Solo Exhibition)
2009    Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture - Another View (Solo Exhibition)
2008    Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture - My Town Decoration
2007    Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation - Anther View II (Solo Exhibition)
2005    8th Beijing International Art Exposition (Silver)
1986    The 6th Korea Contemporary Printing Makers Association Contest
1984    The 5th Korea Contemporary Art Prize(SpecialSelection)   
The 7th Jung-Ang Art Grand Prize National
The 15th University of Art Grand Exhibition (Special Selection)

National Museum of Contemporary Art - Art Bank (2009, 2011) in South Korea,  Korea Development Bank in South Korea,  Yalova City Hall, Yalova in Turkey,  Archi-S in South Korea, Clean and Green Hi-Technology in South Korea, and ACE Corporation in South Korea

Korean Fine Art Association, HongIk Woman Artist Association, IACO
Lecture Experiences
Suwon Woman College, HongIk University, KongJu University, and Sogang University

Artist's Note
I have wondered how much we can understand about what we see and what nature really it is.

Although my work is immediately visible, by changing the viewing angle the images appear to change from 3 dimensional to 2 dimensional and back to again. I seek to break the limitations of the visible dimensions and propose extensions beyond the immediately obvious space.

My works present a unique opportunity to explore visual sensation,
Another view, Wood,Acrylic on Canvas,116,7cmx90,9cmx7cm,2015
Another view- Fountain,Wood,Acrylic on Canvas,53cm x 45.5cmx 3.5cm,2015
Another View, Wood, Acrylic on Canvas,116.7x 90.9 x 5.5cm,2015
Another View- in the drawer,Wood,Acrylic on Canvas,65.2x 50.0x 6.0 cm,2015
Another view,Wood,Acrylic o Canvas,162.1x130.3 x 9.00cm 2015
Another View, Wood, Acrylic on Canvas,90.9x 75.7x 5.5 cm 2015