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2019. 6. 25

    [서양화] 김관수 ㅣ Kim, Kwan Soo 1742
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Kim, Kwan Soo
1953 born in Seoul
B. F.A. College of Fine Arts Kyung Hee University
MA. Dept. of Fine Art, Hongik, UNIV.

Solo Exhibitions 10 times
Selected Art Fairs and Group Exhibitions
Invited to the Artkorea London 2017 London Le Dame Art Gallery, UK
Art Fairs
Art Context, New York 2017
AAF, Hong Kong 2017
AAF Brusel, Belgium 2017
Art Seoul Show, Coex, Seoul
AAF Hampstead London, UK
AAF, Singapore,
Miami Aqua, USA 2016

2016 Special Encore Exhibition from 80’s Hot Korean Contemporary artists (Korea National Museum)
1988 Venice Biennale as a Korean Contemporary young & potential Artist who was specially Invited as representative artist of Korean contemporary art by Venice Biennale Organizer.

More than 100 times he participated in various exhibitions in Korea and overseas.
He is not well known by paintings rather than famous for the installation artwork, one of representative of Korea and abroad as well. In fact, there was a funny story that his works pay attention to sotheby’s director about two decade ago, when Kim was young, Sotheby's director who was fascinated to much by his works, so he ever once visited his studio in order to collect his works, unfortunately after his work was completely dismantled because that was an installation work, so he had an unforgettable experience of losing a chance to sell for him as a big account. His installation as well known to audience titled as ‘Black box’ is became one of legend of Korean contemporary art fields, his works still are evolving far more than incalculable directions beyond unknown world.

Among Critic,
His saying that the black as a rhetoric is that his usage word in his artworks by one of fabricated means, that was adopted by myth or origin of civilization as a metaphoric describing context by he made. The black box is concern both the awe-inspiring to the natural phenomenon, soul, through its ritual approach in terms of the nature, by displaying a feel of subtle yearning in the black box, and was a process to verify the academic code in substance of asking, regarding the vanishing fragments of life.

Artist’s Note
To be innocent, we have to return to the nature which is my usual philosophy, because I’ve been admired the wonder of great nature that may be substantial instinct of inheriting from cradle, so I always doing works as if exploring of a certain trace about ancient time, that human being has been thought as an instinctive primitiveness in terms of unconscious inner mind was inherited from nature being, such as a ritual ceremony at the ancient time which was one of the festival in their living to enjoy , using like stone, trivial things as tools by surrounding nature in our living to survive. So I begin to start to create its primitive things that I’m seemingly falling in survey its mysterious objects as a pictorial factor on my canvas.Thus, the black box I used as a media that is a metaphoric word in order to express my own concept of imaginative creation regarding the past. 

Beside, concerning the birch tree knot on canvas, anyhow from the nature that I have been dream and image as a purity and energy to be spontaneous, in these view point I used to create something different things convert into my work’s materials from them while the audience seeing, which must be one of minimized thing as knots combined with twigs by brush painting, in fact that is view by imbuing ambiguous some peculiarity through the people in their by own imagination what may curious object between the realistic and artificial, but that just what I want it will be exposed a energetic visual point on my canvas as a concept , by viewing the audience may have shocked, like a new minimalism, however, that is not minimal painting, but rather looking a brevity of elegance in human’s sincereness that at the present we all hoping for.
Knot 1 , Wooden Object and Twig painting on canvas, 42X 96cm
Knot2 ,Wooden Object and Twig painting on canvas, 96X 96cm
Knot 3, Wooden Object and Twig painting on canvas, 36X 92cm
Black Box, Object and others, 250X 160cm
Black Box, close view , Object and others, 250X 160cm
Black Box -other side, Object and others, 250X 160cm
Black Box, Object displayed on column
Black Box and twin sculpture