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2019. 6. 25

    [서양화] 박병춘 ㅣ Park Byung-Choon 875
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1949 Born in Seoul, Korea
Graduated from Kyunghee University Art Education
Graduated from Hongik University Graduate School of Education (Art Education major)

Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions
Held 11 Solo Exhibition at Art gallery
The 6th India Triennale (New Delhi, India)
New Delhi International Art Festival  (New Delhi, India)
ASIA Contemporary Art Exhibition (Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art. Ueno Art Museum. Tokyo)
World Today's Art Exhibition (Vienna, Austria)
Korea-Japan Contemporary Art Exhibition (Tokyo, Japan)
Modern Pastel Exhibition (France, Paris)
Seoul Contemporary Art Festival (Seoul)
Hangang River Environment Art Exhibition (Oh Han River) (Yangpyeong Clear Water Love Museum)
INDEPENDANTS Exhibition (Seoul)
ATHO Exhibition (Seoul)
1987-2016 Korean Contemporary Art Method Exhibition
Korea-Germany Cultural Exchange Exhibition (Berk Gallery, Germany)

Artists Note
My work appears to be monochromatic in appearance, white and black, When you see that, there are various colors in spreading like a panorama.
Even I do not scratched my works on surface of canvas, but repeat it over erasing work.The left line strokes are revealed as a surprising expression.
The dark monochrome that I scratched gesture lines are gradually revealing on the canvas, It is the keyword of works that I've concentrated on the expression of the traces which I focused on my unique methodical technic, eventually appears in front of us in viewing, through the processing of repeating as many times as its done with a dirt-brown paint and then with a sharp metallic tool.Through this method, the white issue is revealed softly as the process of light gradually becomes brighter.
I think that the scraping work is the act of drawing itself and it is the thing which exposes the physical property well. On some of critic as "The expression of lines drawn to erase he desire is that seems to show through his works in worrying about the contaminated world by inhuman being." I think it is no different from the expression of the relics of the prehistorian who endured the long weather.

Art critic Kim Byeong-young discusses Park Byeong-chun's monochrome works
"His work always expressed the story in a retro monochrome format,"
"The dark and heavy hue is the expression of Park Byeong-chun's spiritual world pursuing the world of silence." He explained.
Trace of thoughts ,40x40cm, Oil on canvas
Trace of thoughts 2,40x40cm, Oil on canvas
Trace of thoughts ,50x100cm, Oil on canvas
Details on surface
Trace of thoughts ,60,6x 90,9cm, Oil on canvas
Trace of thoughts ,50x200cm, Oil on canvas