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2019. 6. 25

    [서양화] 김연희 ㅣ Kim, Yeon Hee 809
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Kim, Yeon Hee
B,F. Korea literature at university
M.A. studying graduate school of Hongik university, the art planning.

Private Exhibitions
2016 "Mementomori" ,palais de seoul Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2015 "Mementomori" , Ilho Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2013 "Primitive thinking" , Heon Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2001 Incheon art contest, a special prize
1999 Republic of Korea art exhibition

Selected group Exhibitions
2017 Artkorea London 2017 - Le Dame Art Gallery, London, UK
2016 Asia contemporary Art Show
2013 Seoul art show
2005 Invitation Exhibition from print art society

Artists Note
The pictures were painted with rotted metallic materials which react with the oxygen, and they describe the fact that even the spirit beings can be changed.
However, these change, distortion, and death are essential conditions of the reincarnation through my thoughts. These are all methodical analogy of thought and will finally be aesthetic visual point on my work. I think the spirit of artists would never stop in order to create a new world on canvas. It is a fight against to explore forward unseen world that I pursue.
The image of primitive story shows the repeating of circulation of extinction and restoration, and it is represented by the plate engraved method more than ten times, it sorts of dedication.
mementori-17(skull) mixed media, 60x 60cm, 2015
primitive thinking 2015, pigment print
mementori-18,MarilynMonroe, mixed media,60x60cm,2015
Dawn 2016 ,180 X 60cm, woodcut
Human, 2016, 60 X 75cm, woodcut