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2019. 6. 25

    [동양화] 최송대 ㅣ Choi, Song Dae 840
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Choi,  Song Dae
1944 Born in Youngwol,Korea
F.A.  Dept. of Oriental painting, Hongik UNIV.

Solo Exhibitions 28 times

Selected Group Exhibitions & Art Fairs
Artkorea London 2017 ( Le Dame Art Gallery, London UK )
Invited to  MANIF 7 times, Seoul International Art Fair ( Insa Art center)
KCAF 2 times, , Art Seoul , MAC2000( Paris) ,

Art Fairs
Expo Paris Seoul, (Paris, France)
2002 Melbourne Art Fair (Australia)
Int’l Contemporary Exhibition (Paris)
MAC2000 (Paris)
Mosco Int’l Art Fair ( Russia)
MANIF Seoul, Seoul Int’l Art Fair 8 times ( Art Center)

More than 300times participated in significant group exhibitions in Korea and Abroad
Museum of Hongik Univ. Simeun Museum, Court of Northern Local, Center of Agriculture Association

Famer Juror, of 16th Korean Grand Art Festival
Advisory of Seocho Art Association

Choi whose flower imbodies a segment of mystrious life through the view that looks into inside of flower in private. her screen by showing the moment of just open its petal as practical and simultaneously capture a fantastic mood. This is not the moment of blossoming, but an emerging moment one of universe so that far more mystic.
Among Critic by Oh, Kwang Soo

Artist Note
Admiration of life by artist, focused on flower and petals that by her considering of them on canvas by expressing in shading effect as re-analysis. Her point view of line is attained from her thought in contemplation of life as line as the traditional orient feeling. Her painting is taking an unique texture by brushing on paper with dedications in hundred times layer and layer.
We're breathing for survival and dreaming in making a history from the past. I think that one who exists in repeating by emerging and veiling, where are sadness, memories of joy,and a present of distress and worth. A story of myself with others with time which is expressed by metaphor as to mediate form of plant in my painting.
Life-72,7x60,6cm, Stone powder,Shell powder on rice Paper
Life-Energy, 50x81cm,Stone powder, Shell powder on canvas
Image of life energy,200x109cm, Stone powder,shell powder on rice paper
inner mind, 45x53cm, Stone powder, shell powder
Imageof life energy, 200x109cm, stone powder,shell powder on rice paper