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2019. 6. 25

    [서양화] 박시유 l Park, Si Yu 412
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1980 Born in Daegu
1999 Graduated from Dept. of Fine Art, Keimyung University
2014 Graduate School, Dept. of Fine Arts Hongik University

Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions
-Solo Exhibitions
2017 Ilho Gallery Seoul
2016 Sinsun Museum /Jeolla-do
2015 M Gallery / Seoul
2013 AP Gallery / Seoul
2013 JEONGSU Gallery / Seoul
2017 Seoul Art Show /COEX / SEOUL
2017 DAGU Art Fair / EXCO / SEOUL
2017 Plastic Art Seoul / COEX / SEOUL
2017 AMOY Art Fair / Xiamen / China
2016 Affordable Art Fair /Super studio Group/Milano
2015 Miami River Art Fair/ Hyatt Hotel/ Miami
2015 Ulsan Art Fair / KBS ART HALL / ULSAN
2015 SOAF / COEX / Seoul
2015 Busan Art Fair / BEXCO / BUSAN
2014 Bank Art Fair / Singapore
2014 Daegu Art Fair / EXCO / Daegu
2014 SOAF / COEX / Seoul

-Group Exhibitions
Artkorea London 2018 / Le Dame Art Gallery/ London,UK
2017 National medical center art exhibition /Scandia Gallery / Seoul
2017 Begin again/leehall Art Gallery / Seoul
2017 Seoul modern art show / Seoul Art Senter / Seoul
2017 Take 7 /Kyuyoung Gallery /Seoul
2017 Eyes of East Asia / ANCgallery /Seoul 
2015 Arts and horizons / Sinsun gallery / Jeonlado
2015 Cherish with Five rising Stars / Olympus Hall Gallery /Seoul
2013 Group Solo Exhibit /Seoul Gallery / Seoul
Over 120 times, participated in various exhibitions in Korea and foreign

2013 Modern Women Art Exhibition
2012-2013 The 30th, 31th a new Art etc.

Rhea atelier director
Member. IACO

Concept of Works
Everyone pursues happiness and wants to live a rich and fulfilling life.
I encounter a person who lives inside of me and wants to gain the recognition of others. Repeating the routine of my daily life endlessly without taking a rest, I try hard not to fall behind in the competition of living in Korea. After finishing my daily works of supporting my family without having a moment to look at the blue sky, I reluctantly have to go to bed to sleep off my fatigue. I want to put a ray of light and a moment of a rest in my painting for office workers that are very tired all the time, mothers who devote themselves to caring for their babies, also students who cannot enjoy themselves due to the university entrance exam. Neither light has weight anything nor have a usage. However, we can feel the weight of energy of light that is full. With the energy of light, I want to give a moment of rest to myself, tired of living the routine of a life locked in Murphy’s law. I long for a moment of appreciating the blue sky and a cup of tea.
Dream777,130x130cm,oil on canvas,2017
Love&Love,162x2,97cm,oil on canvas.2015
Sun&Sun,165x130cm.oil on canvas.2015
Sweetheart,130x130cm,oil on canvas,2016
The kiss91x91cm,oiloncanvas.2017