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2019. 2. 21

    [서양화] 이 승 ㅣ Lee, Seoung 426
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Lee Seoung

Dept. of Oriental Art, Hong-Ik Univ.
M. F. A. Dept of architecture, Hong-Ik Univ.

Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions
Solo Exhibitions 11 times
ArtKorea London 2018 ( Le Dame Art Gallery, London, UK )
2017 Selected Solo Exhibitions ‘Line, Space’ (Insa Art Plaza, Seoul)
2017 New Artist Contest award recipient’s Exhibitions (Insa Art Plaza, Seoul)

Art Fairs
2018 Art Nordic, Denmark
2018 Art Stage ( Singapore)
2017 Affordable Art Fair ( Hamberg, Germany)
2017 AAF ( Hong Kong, Singapore, London)
2017 Art Scope Miami ( USA)
2017 Art Context ( New York) so on.
Over 140 times participated in Group Exhibitions (Seoul, Ansan, London, Miami, Hong Kong...)

Danwon Art Fest. Excellence Award. (Danwon Art Museum, Ansan)
Selected Artist By Grand Art Exhibition of Korea
Selected Artist By Danwon Art Festival

Adjunct Professor in Dept. of Art, Chonbuk National UNIV.

Artist Note
The body of my works is impressing an oriental philosophy and the sense which based on western painting concept. I draw oriental beauty of space at any object by using silk threads on line frame. By making layer and imply that on line(線) with space(空) through my perspective, line and space both means the oriental aesthetic. Also I perceive oriental aesthetic is to easy away its sense. So I call this minus-art. I think that any textures in environment of the world, even junk can be materials of work for myself, with ambition, agonize everyday to discover western paint, sculpture, engraving, and fine art’s perspective in my works. On the one hand, leaving from my agonizing, I strive to represent thought without consideration in my work for easely getting away my thought. Because I desire to see all the audience who stop and stay for a while on my work and contemplate something different sence , joy and fan, looking at my works.
Movement 812_mixed media on Thread _116x91cm,2017
Movment 811_mixed Media on thread 116x91cm,2017
Nude,Mixed media on thread 116x91cm 2018
Movement 813_mixed Media on thread 116x91cm,2017
Movement 814_mixed Media on thread 116x91cm,2017
Movement 815_mixed Media on thread 116x91cm,2017