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2019. 6. 25

    [서양화] 손진희 ㅣ Sohn, Jin Hee 383
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Sohn Jin Hee
Graduated from the Seoul woman’s university

Selected Solo Exhibitions and Group Exhibitions 
2018 Art Nordic Denmark
2017 MANIF (Seoul Arts Center)
2016 KOREA PLASTIC ART(Seoul Arts Center)
2015 KOREA PLASTIC ART(Seoul Arts Center)
2014 KOREA PLASTIC ART(Seoul Arts Center)
2012 MANIF (Seoul Arts Center)
2011 MANIF (Seoul Arts Center )
2006 ART SEOUL (Seoul Arts Center )
2005 ART SEOUL (Seoul Arts Center)

Group Exhibitions
2018 Artkorea London, UK ( Le Dame Art Gallery)
2014 Donestiartean (San Sebastian, Spain)
2014 CA-U (Ulsan Hyundae Hotel)
2008 Korea Neo-Expression Group Exhibition (Pullsum Gallery, Gyeonggi)
2006 3 Arists Korea Modern Painting Exhibition (Tokyo , Japan)
2005 Korea ,Japan, Canada Exchange Exhibition (Toronto,Canada)
2005 Vision-The Variability of Comtemporary Art( Kyeng Hyang Gallery ,Seoul)
2005 Kyung Hyang Fine Art Expression ( Seoul City Art Museum , Seoul )
2002 Korea Neo Expression Art Group ( Gallery Ami , Seoul)

2005 The Special Award of The 24th Grand Art Exhibition of Korea
2005 Art Exhibition of Kyung Hyang

Critic, Park, Young Tak (Professor, Kyunggi UNIV.)
Her paintings put carefully oil on canvas as a scene by using the wooden plate
, that reflects transparently flowing as unique materials by taking the oil, instead of canvas as scene of wooden plate.
Particularly, she intentionally makes a scratch up tiny injury to the surface of canvas.  Hence, it appears untouchable effect all over on it subtle textures and embossing effect as well. Simultaneously which are served a placement as an acclaimed philosophical issue, like this, the scene composed with wood that have sound and feature by itself, the feature, injuries both are become message. Therefore seemly we aware some of her reason why she took wooden plate, which eventually comes up with languages and images.
The way 5, Oil on wood,97X130cm, Oil on wood
The way 4, 13x25cm, Oil on wood
theway3, 97X130cm,Oil on wood 2017
The way 1, 97x130cm, Oil on wood
The way 8, 97x97cm, Oil on wood 2017