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2019. 6. 25

    [서양화] 박혜경 l Park, Hae Keung 410
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Park, Hae Keung             
Born in 1960
B.A in Fine Arts Education, Seoul National University of Education, Korea.
M.A in Fine Arts Education, Hongik University, Korea.

Selected Solo Exhibitions & Group Exhibitions
Solo Exhibitions : The 16times (Seoul, Daegu, New York, LA, Paris, Tokyo. )
Art Fairs :
2018 Artrooms Seoul, 1st Edition, Riviera Hotel ( Invited Artists)
2018 Art Jakarta, Rits Calton, Indonesia
2018 2019 Art Nordic, Denmark
2018 Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair
2017Context NewYork, Artkorea Lodon, Chealsea Art fair(London)...
Asia Contemporary art Show(Hongkong), Art Busan,
Mabella Contemporary Art Fair(Spein), Affordable Art Fair(London),
Seoul Art Show
2016~ Swiss Art Basel Scope, Miami scope Art Fair,LA Art Show, Art Hamtons, BAMA, SOAF, KPAM, Shanghai Art Fair...

Group Exhibitions 200 times
Invited to JEMA Contemporary Museum of Art , Jeonju, Korea
2018 Artkorea London 2018, UK ( Le Dame Art Gallery )
2017 Artkorea London 2017,UK ( Le Dame Art Gallery)
More than 200 times, participated in various exhibitions in Korea and abroad

Present: member, IACO-International Art Cooperative Organization

Summary of work themes

The theme of my work recognizes the essence of nature and poses a problem in the philosophy of the inherent life. By projecting the aspect of the fluid movement of the group of small individuals to the human life, which is part of natureThis work is an image of a shape that erupts the agony of modern people who are likely to explode. The image of the object in the work moves along with the movement of the gaze. Thus, this work maximizes the transfer effect of the theme by introducing lenticular, which is a medium in which the viewer can feel more realistic stereoscopic effects.

She continues to approach on her inherent philosophical discourse, she may severely adhere to identify of its oddity and lightness of life, through her insight in order to verify the origin of aesthetic view, even likely to portray what is real shape and substance of it. Recently the contemporary artworks, particularly, in art market, are to be competitive for taking the eyes of audience who are fond of purchasing more spectacular works somewhat used exclusive materials and unique methods. These tendency is distinctively turn out the respond by collector’s taste. Accordingly, as taking into account this point, the artists who need to aware this market ‘s phenomenon, have to make a marketing strategy, otherwise, nothing they couldn’t sale at there, all the more, I think it’s hard to keep going their activities for survival in actual living.In this point of view, a new methodical way that she used the work of renticular mixed with painting, which might be success, and expect a good outcome from it.
Freedom1812, 72.7×72.7cm, Lenticular, 2018
Life1757, 72,9X72,9cm, Lenticula
freedom 1804, 2018, 60.6×60.6cm, Lenticular
Life 1803 60.6X60.6cm, Acrylic on canvas, 2018
Life 1805, 72.7X72.7cmAcrylic on canvas, 2018
Life1 , 90×90㎝, Lenticula