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2019. 6. 25

    [서양화] 한영숙 ㅣ Han, Young Sook 344
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Han, Young Sook             
1955 born in Seoul
BFA, Dept. of Industrial Design , Hongik UNIV.
MFA Dept. of Fine Art , Hongik UNIV.

Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions
Solo Exhibitions
1. 1997. Daejeon Kyobo Gallery ( Daejeon)
3. 2005. Bom Gallery ( Kyacheon)
4. 2008. Sejong Cultural & Arts Center( Seoul)
5. 2008. Josunilbo Museum (Seoul)
6. 2010. Gallery Gaia( Insadong, Seoul)
7. 2011. Soju Museum, China
8. 2012. Namugeunel Gallery ( Seoul)
9. 2013. Sai Art Space (Insadong, Seoul)
10. 2015 Sai Art Space (Insadong, Seoul)
 11. 2017. Sooho Gallery ( Bundang, Korea)

Art Fairs
2012. SNIAF 2012 Sungnam Art Fair ( Sungnam Art Center )
2016-2017. Invited to Soho Sarangnaneum Art Consert ( 808 Gallery, Sungnam Art Center)

Selected Group Exhibition (2017-1991)
2016. B.A.F Bundang Art Festival 
2014. Invitational Exhibition of Kyunggi Artists (Sungnam Art Center)
2014. Exhibition of ‘Face of Sungnam’ (Cube Museum, Sungnam Art Center)
2013.Contemporary Art Festival of Korea and Japan Sungnam- Cobe ( Sungnam Art Center) 2012.2.16-22 Invite to the Exhibition of Open Commemorate (Gallery SOON)
2012. ARTMETRO-2012 (Topo House, Insadong)
2012.Sungnam Art Festival ( Sungnam City Hall )
2012. Korea and Japan Art Festival (Kobe Kitanoja Gallery, Japan)
2011. Exhibition of Free and Space (Zoom Gallery)
2008- Project-C Exhibition (Gaga Gallery, Lamere Gallery, Gaia Gallery)
2008 Planned May Exhibition (Gallery Ho)
2007 Korea Contemporary Art Exhibition( Seoul Design Plaza)
2003 Korea Abstract Watercolour (Sungbo Gallery)
Recommended Artists for New Art Festival ( Seoul Municipal Museum )
1995 Kanajawa International Print Exhibition ( Reginal Gallery, Japan)
2011 ~ ARTMETRO-2011 (Hongik Contemporary Museum of Art )
Participated in various exhibitions in Korea and abroad

Presidential Prize for Sungnam City Committee
Prize for the Mayor of Sungnam City
Art Projects
2014 Project by Constructing of Street Museum ( White Town, Gumidong, Sungnam, Korea) 2015 Art Festa Park, 2016 Sungnam Media Festival, Design of T Shirt, so on.
Product of Media Film
Seoul Asan Joongang Hospital, CoU & Jell Company  Foundation of U & Jell voice

Member of Sungnam Art Association, Seoul Art Association, Committee of Sungnam Art Fair. Director, of Sungnam Art Association

Concept of works
The nature itself is bringing a certain thing into our life which has a intangible factor among creatures. As we ponder intensely over regarding to the natural as 'Logos' of the universe, we probably have entirely curious questions onto it consistently such as, what it‘s real means by the nature? It is an exciting theme that obviously casted upon every artists who have to survey its wonder and oddity as discourse, that is, in this reason why we may severely adhere to identify of its grandeur and eager to verify upon the foremost worthwhile thing its origin, even want to portray the shape of real beauty and substance in it. Historically one in fact who has been employing in endeavor for the sake of proving the truth, If, however, we’d try to reach to indentify mysterious principles of it, rather we may getting fall into further puzzle of its own oddity ,and far more in inscrutable, therefore mostly one can't help admiring of the utmost greatness and profound meaning, because, itself which is to be aesthetic resources for those who adore the nature, regardless in the realm of artistic trends either aesthetic criticism on ‘ism’ or latest art tendencies.
‘I'm try to find out something metaphorical words in formative of the oddity on my paintings which are naturally provides us look like mystic things, conjuring something in captivating and either it may be healing, refreshing in refining of one's mind, when we're some time in some way, our eye, keeping on tension, shall be immersed in optical illusion colored field which are painted on canvas by its wonder and virtuosity. Of all those expressing in an anxiety of living as the theme of it appears methodically as ‘the weather map’.
Garden of memory2, paper, pigment , mixed media on circle frame. diameter 80cm 2017
Garden of memory3, paper, pigment , mixed media on circle frame. diameter 80cm 2017
Garden of memory1, paper, pigment , mixed media on circle frame. diameter 80cm 2017