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2019. 6. 25

    [서양화] 김진남 ㅣ Kim, Jin Nam 357
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Kim, Jin Nam               
Born in 1965

B.F.A. College of Fine Art, Hongik University, Seoul
M.F.A. Graduation school of Fine Art, Hongik University, Seoul

Selected Solo Exhibitions & Group Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions
2017 Human, Water―Boundary (Insaartspace, Seoul)
2017 Gwangju International Art Fair (Kimdaejung Convention, Gwangju)
2016 Hunan, Water―Emotion (Is gallery, Seoul)
Seledted Group Exhibitions
Artkorea London 2018, UK,( Le Dame Art Gallery)
Hongik university painting department 93 (Eclair gallery, Seongnam)
Hongik university painting department 93 (Deokwon gallery, Seoul)
Soundless sound (Sejong cultural center, Seoul)
Hope for the flowers (Yeongdeungpo culture and Arts center, Seoul)
Special exhibition of Gwangju Biennale (Gwangju Biennale exhibition, Gwangju)
Artificial paradise (Kwanhoon museum of art, Seoul / Kaist, Daejeon)
Do you know the value of the picture (Jong-ro art gallery, Seoul)
Opening of the Jeon won-gallery opening invatation (Jeon won-gallery, Yangpyeong)
Special exhibition of korea famous artists 150 (Lotte gallery, Seoul)
Message from 126 people (Lotte gallery, Seoul)
Super-trash exhibition (Hongik university museum of contemporary art, Seoul)
Participated in Numerous Major Private Exhibitions, Group Exhibitions
in domesstic and abroad
Present: President, IACO-International Art Cooperative Organization

Concept of Artwork
Based on the main theme of consciousness of feeling I defied and I do express psychological process that occurred in relation to some of outer in body, that is, I would like to investigate ’inner psychology of human being’ through the outer relationship of human being’ which is look so opposite of between affirmative and negative by  surrounding and unfolding of the effect on reflecting of water, which is contradictive,  one other hand, serious explore of formative on being of psychological men subtly being piled up and connecting with each other.
Unrest1 116X80,3cm Oil on canvas
Unrest3 116X80,3cm Oil on canvas
Sign 4, 90,6X60,6cm, Oil on canvas