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2024. 7. 18

    [서양화] John Normand 2709
트랙백 주소 : http://artiaco.com/home/bbs/tb.php/mgallery/289 
John Normand, born 1959 in Århus , Denmark.

Started to draw and paint at a very early age, and was accepted in The Academi of Art at the age of 18 of which he dropped out after a very brief time, as he wanted to follow his own path. He has been a professionel artist ever since - though he at the age of 25-26 had a brief encounter as Graphic Art Director. Exhibitions in galleries and national Art Centers in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Norway since very young. Done several wall decorations including national hospital “Rigshospitalet”, other hospitals, libraries etc.
Working in his quite own stile which he likes to call alchemystic, renaissance dream fabulism. Working in and with a lot of materials such as oil, acrylic, rust, pulverized amber, dammar, hareglue, gum arabic, leaf gold, old cclock parts, old keys, watercolor, soft pastel, pencil, smashed glass, shellac and a lot more, which he melt together in complex paintings.
Untitled4, Mixed media on canvas
Untitled5, Mixed media on canvas
Untitled1, Mixed media on canvas
Untitled2, Mixed media on canvas
Untitled3, Mixed media on canvas