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2024. 7. 18

    [서양화] 장동문 ㅣ Zhang Dongmoon 2849
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Zhang Dongmoon 장동문
1952 Born in Korea

M.F.A Fine Art, Graduate Scool of Art, Hong Ik University
 32 Private Exhibitions

 Selected Group & Solo Exhibitions
 MANIF and Grand Korea Conceptual Art Festival
 India Triennale Invitation Exhibition
 Bangladesh Biennale
 French salon grands et Jeunes and salon d'Automne Invitation Exhibition
 Korea Art Institute Invitation Exhibition
 Conceptual Art Exhibition
 Korea Pastel Exhibition
 Korea Catholic Art Association ExhibitionContemporary Istanbul Art Fair 2007, 2008, 2009
 Germany KARLSRUHE Art Fair 2007, 2008, 2009
 American LA FT Gallery Exhibition 2008
 Galerie Clauss & Palacios Germany 2009
 Space Womb Gallery (New York) 2010
 Korea Racing Authority 2011

 Grand Art Exhibition of Korea <4 special prizes, 4 acceptances>, Superior Prize and Shinhan Prize at Conceptual Art Public Competition, Superior Prize at Conceptual Art Competition, Superior Prize at Japan Chung-Joo-Hwa, Special Prize at Mok Woo Hoe
 Grand Art Exhibition of Korea Operation Committee member and judge, Conceptual Art Public Competition, Danwon Art Festival, Korea Pastel Public Competition, Kyunggi Art Competition, La-He-Suk Art Competition, Daejeon City Art Competition, Daegu City Art Competition, Hangjoo Art Competition

 Committee Member of Boondang Artists’ Association
 Executive of Korea Art Association
 Advisor of Korea Pastel Artists’ Association
 Member of Korea Catholic Art Association

 Dongmoon Zhang was born in Seoul in 1952. He majored in electronic engineering at university. He served as a teacher in high school for 3 years, but he didn’t fit his aptitude, so he started his hobby, Western painting, as a self-taught. He was accepted 4 times Selection and 4 times Special Selection for the Korea Fine Arts Competition from the age of 29 to 48. After that, He was the jury member for 3 times at the Korea Fine Art Exhibition until the age of 58, and also served as the steering committee member and the chairman of the screening committee member. At the age of 59, he graduated from Hongik University with a master’s degree. He was a lecturer and professor at the Department of Fine Arts, Hannam University. He has fallen in love with the beauty and dynamism of the form of the horse, and has been working on the Westernization work of this object and until recently. His main interest now is forming and inner expressing.

작가 장동문은 1952년 서울에서 출생, 대학에서 전자공학을 전공하였다. 고등학교에서 3년동안 교사로 재직하였으나 적성에 맞지 않아 취미인 서양화를 독학으로 시작하여 29세에 대한민국 미술대전에서 입선을 시작, 48세까지 입선 4회 특선 4회를 하였다. 58세까지 대한민국 미술대전에서 3번의 심사위원을 하였으며, 운영위원, 심사위원장을 역임하였다. 59세에 홍익대학 미술대학원을 석사로 졸업하였고, 한남대 사범대학 미술교육과에서 강사와 교수를 역임하였다. 서양화에서 말을 소재로 한 것은 형태의 아름다움과 역동성에 반해서 작업을 하게 되었고 최근까지 조형성과 내면을 표현하는데 관심을 갖고 있다.