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2023. 11. 29

    [서양화] 이택구 l Lee, Taek Gu 1890
트랙백 주소 : http://artiaco.com/home/bbs/tb.php/mgallery/294 
Graduated from Hongik University College of Art, Department of Painting
Graduate of Art Education, Graduate School of Education, Jeonju University

Selected Solo Exhibitions and Group Exhibitions
2021 Lee Taek-gu's first exhibition/Mountain Lighthouse Museum, Wanju 
2021 Individual Exhibition/ Gyodong Art Museum, Jeonju
2019 Lee Taek-gu Individual Exhibition/Heeo Gallery, Jeonju
2011 Invitational Exhibition/Galleriai, Insadong, Seoul
2009 Lee Taek-gu Invitation/ Heeo Gallery, Jeonju
2007 Lee Taek-gu Invitation Exhibition / National Assembly Hall, Seoul
2007 Invitation exhibition/Sugallery, Jeonju
2006 Invitational Exhibition/Su Gallery, Pyeongchang-dong, Seoul
2006 Exhibition on the 120th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and Korea and France
2004 Lee Taek-gu Individual Exhibition/Post Office Exhibition Hall, Jeonju
2002 Lee Taek-gu Individual Exhibition/Jeonbuk Arts Center, Jeonju
1996 Lee Taek-gu Individual Exhibition, Eulhwarang, Jeonju

Art Fair & Fair
2019 Art Gunsan WITH Living Design Fair, Saemangeum Convention Center, Gunsan
2011 Geneva Art Fair, Switzerland
2005 Japan International Fai, Korea Pavilion, Aichi Prefecture

Group Exhibitions
2020 Sadunjeon/Korean Traditional Culture Hall, Jeonju
2020 Post-Coronese Art, Beyond Disaster, Museum of Modern Art, Jeonju
2019 Sunlight Society Regular Membership Exhibition, Gyodong Art Museum, Jeonju
2019 Sadun International Exhibition/Korean Traditional Culture Hall, Jeonju
2018 Sadunjeon/Korean Traditional Culture Hall, Jeonju
2011 Sunlight Society 17th, Jeonbuk Arts Center, Jeonju
2011 20th Asian Watercolor Federation Seoul Exhibition, KEPCO Art Center, Seoul
2010 Like flowing rivers - History, Culture, Imagination of Rivers in North Jeolla Province, Jeonju Museum of Art
2009 Sunlight Society 15th, Jeonbuk Arts Center, Jeonju
March 2008 'People in Color', Jeonbuk Arts Center, Jeonju
2008 Sunlight Society 14th, Jeonbuk Arts Center, Jeonju
2006 Sunlight Society 12th, Jeonbuk Arts Center, Jeonju
The first bienalle of 40 Korean artists to mark the 120th anniversary of diplomatic between Korea and France
2005 Sunlight Society 11th Team Exhibition, Jeonbuk Arts Center,
Over 130 Group Exhibitions other in Korea and Abroad

Western Painting Division of the Korean Artist Awards
First prize for encouragement of various art competitions, 3 specials
National Museum of Contemporary Art, Jeonbuk Provincial Government, France, Australia
Salmon, way to home town,72x73cm, Mixed media on korean paper 2021
Salmon, way to town,72x73cm, Mixed media on Korean paper 2021
Salmon, Way to home town,47x47cm, Mixed media on carbon woood,2021
Salmon, Way to home town,72x73cm, Mixed media on carbon wood2021
My hometown 74x180cm,Mixed media on carbon wood 2021
Artists in front of works in Solo exhibition