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2024. 5. 27

    [서양화] 이정란 ㅣLee Jung Ran 2192
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Lee Jung-ran
Lee Jeong-ran majored in painting at Kyungwon University (currently Gachon University) Graduate School. And she had selected many kinds of exhibitions as Media City 2000 (currently SeMA) SUBWAY PROJECT, which was exhibited as installation work at the Busan Biennale in the same year, alternative space
She had four times solo exhibition in Korea. Usually, installation work is done in the restroom at Songpa Ward Office etc. Others, participated in various exhibitions in Korea and abroad.

Work Concept
This work mainly used sharp pencils, colored pencils and cutter knives. Line A 2018, Line B, which will be the main attraction in my artworks.
2018 either drew a line with a colored pencil without a ruler or dipped the end of the colored pencil in water before drawing a line. Obviously regarding it need a lot of efforts, sweat and tears in order to complete done on plate of formbord, eventhough that are looking simple colours works but it is amazing works process by minimalizing fabulous brevity to think some way of meditation from them.
Just like the 2015 exhibit, I'm obedient to the absolute authority of reproducing things.
There is still an attitude to indulge in sensual detail and enjoy the fleeting waste of time. And we're going to have to focus on iterative execution. Efforts to enjoy are also valid.
(Repeat is not boring)
If life is simple and regular, the brain doesn't use energy for useless choices, and the brain is surprisingly different in similar things.
It is said to find something else. On a day when it rains all day, I watched the sound of repeated raindrops, and the old couple downstairs worked hard on it.
The raindrops falling on the deck floor of the garden and the smile on the green-green grass can tell it apart.
In my work, iteration also gives deep boredom and rhythm, giving thoughtless immersion, peace and balanced sentiment. at the tip of one's hand. It needs time to wake up the senses when the concentration of attention, the speed of the soul, fails to keep up with the speed of daily life. simply. And if you react sensitively, there will be something new opening up.
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