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2024. 7. 18

    [서양화] 윤현구 ㅣ Yoon Hyun Koo 2863
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Yoon Hyun Koo
Graduated fromm Dept. of Oriental Painting Department of Chugye University of Arts
Fellowship from Japan Korean-Japan Cultural Foundation on Painting at the Graduate School of Tamama Arts, Japan (Stamp Wall Painting)

Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions
15 Solo exhibitions

2019 AAF Amsterdam
Korea International Art Fair
Seoul Open Art Fair
Daegu Art Fair
Manif International Art Fair
Busan Art Fair
Hwarang Arts Festival
Pink Art Fair
Asian Top Gallery Shilla Hotel Fair

Lecturer at Chugye University of Arts, Daejin University.
Daegu University of Arts.
Visiting lecturer at Japan Tamama University of Arts.

Among Critic,
Yoon's work is mostly done in books. The book becomes a screen and the picture develops on the book. In fact, however, images inhabit the pages of a book, not its cover or interior, but the texture of the paper that makes the book difficult. On the plate of tense, it seems to imply an Oriental view circulating on the almost bladelike part. It is reminiscent of the adult walking of an image that meets through a hanging foot. It comes up with a little variation depends on the angle and time of view. deviate from a single, fixed point The artists's work is such a multiple and overlapping message.

윤현구의 작업은 대부분 책에서 이루어진다. 책이 화면이 되고 그림은 그 책위에서 전개된다. 그러나 사실 책의 표지나 내부가 아니라 책의 단면, 책을 이루는 종이의 결위에 어렵게 이미지가 서식한다. 그 긴장된 단면에, 흡사 칼날같은 부위에 순환하는 동양적 시사관을 암시하는듯하다. 드리워진 발을 통해 만나는 이미지의 어른거림이 연상된다. 그것은 보는 각도와 시간에 따라 조금씩 변형을 이루며 다가온다. 단일하고 고정된 시점에서 벗어나있다. 작가의 작업은 이처럼 양의적이고 겹성의 메시지를 안긴다.
illumination fish1, 91X3X60cm, gold mixed media on old book,
illumination fishes, 91X3X60cm, gold mixed media on old book,
illumination,fishes1, 91X3X60cm, gold mixed media on old book,
illumination bull, 116X3X90cm, gold mixed media on old book,
illumination fishes4 , 91X3X90cm, gold mixed media on old book,