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2023. 11. 29

    [서양화] 장석원 l Chang Suk Won 1827
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Chang, Suk-won

Birth in 1952
Graduated from Painting Department, Hongik University of Fine Arts College
1977 Graduate School of Hongik University

Selected Art Experiences and Exhibitions

1984-2015 Professor, Jeonnam National University
2014-2017 Director, Jeonbuk Provincial Museum of Art
2000 Art Director, Gwangju Biennale Exhibition and Planning Office
2002 Commissioner, Busan Biennale International Performance Festival
Art Director of the 2004 Gwangju Biennale
2006 Selection Jury, Hong Kong Venice Biennale
2009 General Director, International Art Vision 'ASIA PANIC'
2014-7 Plan for Asian Contemporary Art Exhibition, 3 times in a row
Participating in the 2018 NIPAF International Action Art Festival
2019 - 'Jang Seok-won's Lecture on Contemporary Art' is held and continued


"Beautiful Conception" (Art Essay), Shin-A Publishing House, 2019
'Secret of Communication' (art Essay book), Balhae Graphics, 2014
'The Transformation of Art in the '80s' (Art Review Book), Mudeungbang, 1988
"New York 25:00" (Art Essay), Jayusekyesa, 1993
What is this ’ Oil on canvas , 45.5×53㎝, 2020
‘I hate you!, I love you!' 72.7×60.6㎝, 2019
Stupid, Oil on canvas’, , 38×45㎝, 2020
‘I always miss you!', Acrylic on paper , 42×59㎝, 2020
I love you!', Oil on canvas 38×45.5㎝, 2020
‘I love you', Oil on canvas, 27×27㎝, 2020