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2023. 11. 29

    [서양화] 김태희ㅣKim, Tae Hee 1766
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김태희ㅣ  Kim Tae-Hee

Selected group and solo exhibitions
2020 Invited to Covid 19 Beyond the catastrophy( JeonJu Contemporary Art Museum
2018 and 9th Chunggang Art Museum (Masan University)
Invitation of the 8th Personal Gallery 2016
2014 7th Daegu EXCO
2014 6th Insa Art Plaza
The 5th China Hanawon Birim Hanam Castle Invitational exhibition
The 4th Seoul Museum of Art
The 3rd edition of Hongchau's Contemporary Art and Invitation (Shanghai)
Invitation of the 2nd Seoul Art Museum 2009
2008 First GSIS National Gallery Design Invitation (Manilla)
Solo Exhibitions
2017 LA Western Gallery (LA)
2015 Contemporary Art Booth Exhibition (Gyeongin Art Museum)
2013 Ungrouped (Sungsan Art Hall)
2012 Non-group match (Metropolitan ArtSpace, Tokyo)
2011 China Modern International Art Festival (Hong Chau Museum, Shanghai)
Ten female writers (Daedong Department Store) in 2010.Changwon)
2009 Invitation of Contemporary Authors (Inside Art Plaza)

Art Fairs
2019 Art Nordic Fair Denmark
2016.2015 LA Art Fair
2016 New York Art Fair
2015 Hampton Art Fair
2017 Yeosu International Art Festival
2017,14 Daegu Art Fair
2017.2016 Changwon International Art Fair
2016 Art Busan
2016 Creative Orange Artpesta
2015 Korea, China and Japan International Art Fair
2014 World Hotel Fair
2010 Shanghai Art Fair
2009 Busan International Art Fair

Prize of the prime minister for
1st Special Edition of the Korean Art Exhibition
Best Award, five times in a contest
Korean Culture & Art Competition Kimhae Art Competition Best Award
Best Artist Award in Croatian Contemporary Art Invitation
Special prize in 3rd Kyungnam Art Competition
New Art in Korea
Special Prize in 3rd Special Selection of the New Art Exhibition in Korea
Asia International Salon Competition
Osaka International Competition

the present
Korean American Association
Masan Mihyup
Southern Contemporary Art

Concept of Works
She tried to focus on the part of contemporary people's busy daily lives, there she didn't expressed, and she rather expressed everything with freedom and worked with emptiness and stillness as he drew the line on it by using of delicate many layers, it is looking very unique shape with brilliant colors matching. She has been explored in concentrating on ambiguous form made by exquisite hand working from her imagine and heart. All that viewers can be able to find out its distinctive figures and enjoy looking it. 

It is an aesthetic imagination that there are both yin and yang in the work, and the lines are drawn horizontally and vertically again by drawing out lines with sheep. Just as a yin and yang in all things in our universe, the softness and freedom contain patience and adherence by her timeless efforts.
Fabulous dream 162.2X130.3cm Mixed media 2017
Retheme in mind162.2X130.3cm Mixed media 2018
Negative& Positive 162.2X130.3cm Mixed media2017
perspective Life,162.2X130.3cm Mixed media201
Negative& Positive 162.2X130.3cm Mixed media201