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AAF Singapore 아트페어
날 짜 2011-06-23 19:58:18
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The Affordable
Art Fair Singapore
17-20 November 2011.
AAF 싱가폴 아트페어
 1999년, 12년전 영국의 William Ramsay 가 설립하여 시작한 AAF는 전세계 주요도시인 뉴욕, 파리, 멜버른, 브리스톨, 암스테르담, 등 에서 매년 열리는 최고의 현대미술 전시 event로 백만장자들의 전유물 처럼 인식되어왔던 작품소장 방법의 새로운 장을 열고,  세계적인 컬랙터 뿐만 아니라  일반 대중에게 수준높은작품을 좀더 합리적인 가격으로 판매하고 전시하기 위한 목적으로 런칭되었다. 싱가폴은 아시아 도시중에서 처음으로, 작년에 이어 두번째로 열리는 아트페어이다.
The Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2011, 2nd Edition
Thank you for making the Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2010 such a success. Come join us for a fun filled day out with friends and family at the 2nd edition of the Affordable Art Fair Singapore in Asia at the exciting F1 Pit Building from 17-20 November 2011.
The participating galleries at AAF Singapore come from far and wide: Singapore, Asia, Europe and Australia and they offer a wide range of art from paintings to sculpture, from prints to photography. The artworks are all priced below SG $10,000 with 75% of the art displayed under SG $7,500 and the clear labeling of all artwork ensures you know what you can and can’t afford!
AAF was founded in 1999 by William Ramsay to offer people the opportunity to buy contemporary art and show them that you don’t need to be a millionaire with a Doctorate in Fine Art to buy it.  Launched in London 12 years ago, the Affordable Art Fair is now in cities all over the world, including Amsterdam, Brussels, New York, Melbourne and Milan. Singapore played host to the first Asian edition.
Art for Everyone!
There are a wide range of features that make the fair a great place to meet up with friends or to bring the family. Throughout the event, there will be free talks by leading art experts from Sotheby’s Institute of Art, workshops about art techniques, a relaxed café where you have a sandwich and digest your impressions, a wine bar, and professional, free Children's Studio. You can also discover the brightest new talent from Singapore's art schools at our Recent Graduate show!
In short, AAF Singapore is the perfect place to start or expand your contemporary art collection. If you would like to be the first to hear about what’s on at the fair and receive ticket offers, please sign up for our email updates.

The Affordable Art Fair is voted as one of the UK's CoolBrands for 2010/2011 alongside Apple, RayBan and The Tate Modern!