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2019. 3. 21

2014 MIAF Ar Fair - IACO Collaboration (ؿ۰)
¥ 2014-02-17 22:07:14
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Photos / Alvin Lee Bung Lyol - Commissioner MAIF 2014 posing with Asian Artists & audience
2014 MIAF
Mokwooheo International Art Fair

MAIF will be specially organized fabulous art event by enthusiastic
artists in Asia and Artworks inspired an epiphany from World Culture Heritages to viewers and approved Ministry of Culture and Athletic, Tours and Agency of Korean Culture, UNESCO Korea
1. Duration - 13th October - 19th Ovtober ( 7Days)
2. Venue - Hangaram Mueum( 2-3F) Art Center, Seoul
3. Category – Contemporary artwork ( figurative, abstract )

Merits for Invited Artiste & Guests

Only officially Invited Asian Artists and Art Group could be able to join this event without screen, prepared special section at 3F, Art Museum

Especially MIAF Organizing Committee has collaborated with IACO-International Art Cooperative Organization works in elaborating of foreign artists to participate in this show and will jointly invite VIP guests comprised of officials, representatives, celebrities, highly entrepreneurs, from the national government, foreign diplomatic agencies, relatives in art and culture sphere as well.

To promote for sale the artworks, the organizer will draw on existing resources to invite honorable clients, collectors and buyers from domestic and overseas, I.T industries, so on.

Will cooperated with key media to invite distinguished guests in the arts and culture sphere, as well as renowned artists, investors, art professionals, related medias in art