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2024. 7. 18

Art Nordic Denmark 2018
날 짜 2018-04-17 17:20:40
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Art NordicDenmark



IACO & Mayjune Gallery

Stand 159,160

Director- Alvin Lee Bung Lyol
We're extremely pleasure that the artists who are most outstanding, representative Korea with their fabulous over 40pcs will be arrayed on No.159,160 stands,specially collaborated work with IACO & Mayjune gallery in order to promote sale the works by exposing in our own diverse market srategies,eventually this kinds of interaction between art market and artists will help to the art activities and expand new market in global. 
According to organizes saying, in April Art Nordic 2018 estimated that more than 1,6000 visitors returns to view the this fair exhibition with the 250artists selected to take part,which is one of the biggest art fair Northern Europe, which take place in Copenhagen.

Participating Korean Artists

1.Park Hye Keung
2.Park, Sung Sik
3.Lee, Seoung
4.Sohn, Jin Hee
5.Park, Eun Ae
6.Kim,Sung Hye
7.Kim Kwan Soo

Park, Hye Keung -Life 1758, 60.6X72.7cm, Lenticular, 2017
Park, Sung Sik- Ego- Horses, 78X94cm, Mixed Media on Canvas with box,2017
Lee, Seoung- 812, 86x64cm Painting on thread 2018
Sohn, Jin Hee -The Way5, Oil painting on wood 2017
Park, Eun Ae-Landscape in soul1,56X78cm,Oil on canvas
Kim, Sung Hye-Sound2,70cm Diameter, Fabric cord, Mixed media2018
Kim, Kwan Soo- Birch tree, 90cm Diameter,Mixed Media on Canvas 2018