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Artrooms Fair Seoul Application 2018 -۰
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Artrooms Fair

Seoul 2018


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NOW " ٷ ûϼ"

http:// seoul.artroomsfairs.com

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Artrooms Art Fair

'From London to
 Seoul 2018'


Riviera Hotel, Seoul Korea

Art platform in Korea


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̼ Art Fair ν

Lodon,Roma ̾ þƿ

10 27 3ϰ ϴ.

       IACO holds 'ARTROOMS Art Fair' with UK, to create commercial management structures in the capitalist market, promote and support artists' creative activities, form a global group of artists, and promote the excellence of Korean art.

We will continue to open up the constant source of origin and the reputation of the art industry by launching the international competitive "art fair" that underpins the demands of the times and economic development of the nation while pursuing the revival of the creative economy. Based on the research and analysis and experience of international exhibitions and business units, the company plans to gradually promote its arts agency and Asian Art Hub after hosting the international level Art Fair, which represents Korea in 2018 as follows.


      1. ' ARTROOMS FAIR SEOUL / 2018- Launching Place - Riviera Hotel, Seoul, KOREA
2. Set as an Art Fair to symbolize Korea - World Art Market Center - Art Platform centered on artists – 'Advanced Art Market'

3. Sales and sales volume of artwork / 500 million to 5 billion won expected to grow by 30% a year – established as the highest art event in the international level
[209 Hong Kong Launching Plan ]

       4. Participation / Domestic and Foreign Artists and Gallery - 300 artists, some 2,500 renowned domestic and overseas in 45 countries, and 20,000 pcs arworks entries

5. Re-investment of Art fair Revenue on Artists Agents, find emerging artists and Branding, and maintain global market share
Expanded World Class Authorization