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2019. 2. 21

Artrooms Fair Seoul 2018 Brief Report
날 짜 2018-09-22 22:29:56
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Ms. Cristina Cellinini, Artrooms founder with Mr. Alvin Lee Bung Lyol, Artrooms Seoul organizer at the Opening Ceremony

Artrooms Fair Seoul 2018 was successful event as its open door firstly in Korea

It is making a new chaper in Korean art scene to elevate one step for advancement their creativity.

Artrooms is a methodology of Deleuze's survival strategy of the artist's "Nomadism", that means that artists who should consistently forward to come up with their creative thought. There are also some strategic problems with these systems, as it were, to get some brilliant thing, we instinctively have to move to some where by escaping from the present. This a sorts of theoretical story, if some one who strive for exploring,eventually he will get to acquire something new is possible. However, it is principle of the concept of value that incorporates it into a hybrid concept and reinventing it with a new technique that helps the artists not lose their spirit permanently and actually solve the problems of reality. The IACO's positive goal is to help artists continue through this way with an artist's spirit of the period so that they can continue to create and evolve their works.

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