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2019. 3. 21

Happy New Year! K- Art Agency
¥ 2019-01-02 21:35:36
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Happy New Year!



IACO president,Alvin Lee Bung Lyol
IACO Korea -̼±ⱸ س ظ ¾ ȸ ۰Ե ǰ Ȱ âȰ ڽϴ. Ư 2019 ؿ  ο մϴ. K-Ʈø ϰ ۰  ۷ι Ȯ强 ȭ ý  ѱ  ̼° 뺯ȭ ϰ ۰ ϰ ġ ۷ι ̼忡 ѱ̼ ǰ Ǹ Ȯ ȭ ý  ڽϴ. ȸ۰Ե âȰ ɰ Ź帳ϴ. ص а Բ ڽϴ.մϴ.

We're pleased to announce a new poroject for 2019

K-Art Agency

is will be a new paradagm to care system for artists who can more virantly to sustain their activity

We invest in artists...

     츮 鿡 Ѵ...

ART MANAGEMENT & MARKETING  |  PROMOTION  |   EVENTS  |  CONSULTANCY With over 12 years organizing more than 20 international diverse art Exhibitions, IACO cumulates extensive critical acclaim in domestic and across the world . With more than 500 artists and vibrantly active for practical benefits by supporting our agent management. IACO looking for the most brilliant emerging artists to promote for sale and marketing on Intl Art fairs around the world

1. Establishment Aim-

[ ̼ ȯ ]

ȯ 罽( The Great chain of being ) ϴ°? , ȸ Maslow-޽ο [Hierarchy of Needs] (ھƽ屸) ұϰ ǿ ҿܵǰ ִ . ̷ ȯ濡 ° Ұϰ ۰ ϰ Ȱϰ ִ ǥ ȸȭ ȯ濡 ū ۿ . ̿ ۰ Ȱ ۷ι Ȯ强 ̷ Ȳ ̸ ̰ ſ ΰϰ ۿѴ.

̷ , ȸ ȯ 鿡 ū ְ ο ۰Ȱ Ӱ[ Sustainable ]ΰ δ ȴٴ ̴. ÿ ȸ Ȳ ȭ ҰǼ ۰Ȱ ̰ ǰȰ , ؾ ϴ ɰ ϰ ִ. ̷ ̼ȯ濡 ۰ Ȱ ġ ִ ۰ °̴.
The survival of the artist and the continuation of his activities Important to identify work sales and direct problem

Artists transfer, a major supplier of the world market, is now a generalized 'global art project' where only the basic frame of an organized and advanced economic structure can inform the world of their work, increase sales revenues, and enable the artist's creative activities to grow based on the market. In an international environment, the artist's scope of activities is becoming a matter of fact and a matter of choice. Coupled with this systematic global economic principle, the art market is rapidly evolving into a "trade space" where capitalist functions compete. The phenomenon of the transaction-oriented art market is also dominated and distributed by the capital flows of elite groups around the world.

distribution and sales of works are becoming brisk through these regions and sites. Through specialized transactions by the system, it becomes a provider of direct and indirect  transactions that create a sustainable' environment for creative activities. In line with this, the international environment is already intensifying competition with the borderless global market of Art Fair and Auction, which is why Korea also needs Korea's best competitive artist agent for various markets and practical productivity in this new market strategy and order.
1) Artist/Creative Activities— 2)Agent/provider---
3)Trading space/market sales--- 4) Continuing/creating activities

I A C O Agent will reinvent and specialize the gallery's inadequate system

to create a true artists agent. (IACO Art Lab- Laboratory)

Sustainable Activity -


[ Forwarding - 3ܰ / 1. 2. 3. Ǹ]

1. Ȱ ̷ ̼° Ұ Ȳ ɵ ϰ Ӽ

ְ ϴ ٰŷ ̼ Ȯǰ ִ. ѱ ̸

ϴ ȭ ý̳ 簡 ̱⿡ ڷν

ִ ʿ ̸ ̷ Ͽ ߰ Ű ǰ ǰ Ư ī ǰŷ ų ִ ۰ ſ ߿ ۰ ϴ ȴ.

 2.̷ ӿ , , Ǹ  ǰǸ ۰ ٽ ȯ Ǵ Ȱ ũ ۿ ؾ Ǵ ̴. ȭ ǰ ߰ Ҹ ۰ °踦 Ȱ ϰ âȰ Ǵ ڰ Ӹ ƴ϶ ߽ ȴ.

3. ۰ Ȱ ϰ ϴ ٷ ߽ Ʈ ̸ ̼濵 Ǵ ̴. ģȭ ۷ι忡 Ͽ Ȯϴ Agent ߿伺 Ǵ ÷ܽô뿡 ִ ̴.