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2024. 7. 18

Happy New Year 2021
¥ 2020-12-22 14:54:13
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A day when the COVID-19

disappears completely

from the earth

We all wish to the safety day coming very soon in order to continue whole artists could be able to doing their activities as usual by restoring the artistic spirit and sublime to create utmost aesthetic world.

츮δ Ű ȸϿ ְ 踦 âν ó ׵ Ȱ ֵ   ⸦ ٶϴ.

Merry Christmas &

HappyNewYear 2021!

I A C O Agency , Director, Alvin Lee Bung Lyol

1. K-Art Agent ۷ι 뿡 ۰ ϰ Ȱ ǰ Ǹϴ ̴. ۰ Ʈ ۰ ǰ ȫ, , Brandingϰ ǰġ ִȭ, ȭϱ (Device)̸ ۷ι ̼忡 ִ ε̴. ۰ Ȱ Ȯ븦 ؼ ۰ ߱ϰ ؿ 忡 Promotionϴ Ʈ ϰ ִ.

2. ̼忡 پ Ȯ  I A C O Gallery Agency Art Company 񱳿 ִ. Ʈ з, ׸ پ ؿ ̼о  Net work, ȭ Ŀ 鿡 پ , , ڷ,(Archive) (Reputation) Ȯ ϰ Ƿ K-Art ؿܽ忡 ġ° Ȯ ų ִ.  


I A C O Gallery, It is very important this New  Year 2021, we'd  express our heartfelt wishes, sincerely hope for the coming year to be filled with happiness and joy, health and comfort peace in your heart

And we wishs to all the artists who are in safety for coming new year 2021 with more growth and success,

I A C O either aim to caring and boosting the art activities for potential and emerging artists, was founded in 2006 Seoul Korea. As particular art agency by striving for exposing of the Korean contemporary art on global, interacting between Asian regional and international, pursuits an innovation in brilliant and cutting edge contemporary arts by representing Korean artists to be advanced at the global stage.

IACO has been organized remarkable art event and acclaims reputation during over one decade , exclusively organized the exhibition with a value, such as Asian Spirit and Soul, Art Korea London etc. by collaborating work with foreign galleries and art groups, and by elaborating expand the scale and scope of the market where offer an art platform by an unique way, simultaneously has been participating numerous times in diverse international art fairs by consulting the work with prominent emerging artists for more beneficial and practical art activities at the global markets.


Our vision is that offer an opportunity to artists by interacting art information to help them to work as well as in sale their pieces globally, in order to sustain their vibrant activities. Korea are boast at the wonder of Asia which had been derived from its origin, deepen-rooted on the Asian worth including the richest cultural heritages that has more brilliant history in the world. We, thus, predict that the main shift in the global art scene that currently is transferring from the West to the East.


IACO believes it will be flourished in the long run which upon by big efforts in conjunction with artists by Asian inspiration with unique meditation and aesthetic. All that outcomes will share it for us together, these kinds of achievements definitely will be come true simultaneously will brings to all of us a genuine thing in our planet.