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Artstory in Forest 2021 Showcase전
날 짜 2021-09-29 15:07:17
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Showcase Exhibition

Date: 2,OCT - 30, NOV 2021

We're pleased to have a showcase event first time from best artists in IACO Gallery Agency which will be a very significant event moving forward to next step for their vivid activities in the mid of Covid19, it surely would be bring us a certain profitable result as we have expect to extend the inspiration of artworks.

Venue: IACO Gallery Agency

Director / Alvin Lee, Bung Lyol

1st Section

Participating Artists

Kim, Tae Hee/김태희

Park, Sung Sik/박성식

Lee, Kyoung Hee/이경희

Park, Hae Kweng/박혜경

Cho, Kyung Ho/조경호

Baek Gong/백   공

Huh, Eun Young/허은영

Park, Young Yul/박영율

Park, Eun Ae/박은애

Kim, Jang Hyuck/김장혁

Lee, Jung Ran/이정란

Kim, Kyong Yeoul/김경열

Yun Hyun Gu/윤현구