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2019. 5. 20

AAF Art Fair Review
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날 짜 2015-07-05 11:41:34
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AAF - Affordable Art Fair
Hampstead,London, UK
IACO - Collaboration work with GAGA Gallery
Among this Affordable Art Fair about 120 stand, mere 4 booths are only from eastern area, such as Hong, Japan, Korea 3, unfortunately it was deem to centralize Europe countries to share the international art market, so the Korean galleries and artists need to pay attention to the vibrant Europe markets more positively having a new strategy.In fact, this fair is not much contened for the prices of artworks that are managed to buy easily within aproxi usd 10,000 for the public taste, which is however very available to access into art through this kind of market that are suitable to the customers, it is one of the way to expand the potential collectors and much aficionados, they finally shall bring us more pofitable things with those artists who necessarily to sale the paintings for existance and vibrant activities.
    As the gallerists, we should more learn from the systematic management through them in proceeding and atmosphere of market place, even meticulous its skill as well, compared to ours,also try to draw the customers mind which is decisive factors for the development of art markets along with artists,in order to create a new market's paradigm.  
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