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2024. 6. 21

Review- Artkorea London 2018
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날 짜 2018-02-26 12:01:36
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ArtKorea London 2018

3rd Showcase Exhibition of Korean Contemporary Artworks by Le Dame Gallery, London UK

IACO has presents 'Artkorea London 2018' continously for the fabulous Korean uniqueness of Korean contemporary artworks over 60 brilliant pieces at Le Dame Gallery,London UK which will be a great opportunity to the audience in London by reflecting of oriental contemplation and subtle difference from western for15days run, simultaneously through such an exclusive platform for Korean showcase artworks would contributed to boost the vibrant art activities on global stage as well.Obviously the Korea contemporary art will turns out its identity and profound asethetic views which make you feel some awesome and wonder inherent the oriental epic that contained metaphysical words, neverthless abstract or concrete artworks beyond the trends.

Co- Organizing

Le Dame Art Gallery/ Cristina Cellini Antonini, Director, UK
I A C O / Alvin Lee Bung Lyol, Director, Korea


Melia white House

Participating Artists

1. Park, Si Yu-          박시유
2. Kim, Su Jin-          박수진
3. Kim, Jin Nam-       김진남
4. Koo, Sang Hee-    구상희
5. Ho, Jin-                 호    진
6. Huh, Chung-         허    청
7. Lee, Seoung-        이    승
8. Choi, Myung Hee- 최명희
9. Lee, Ik Ryeol-        이익렬
10. Han,Young Sook-한명숙
11. Kim Sung Hye-    김성혜
12. Cho, Kyoung Ho- 조경호
13. Park, Hae Keung-박혜경
14. Kim, Won Yong-  김원용
15. Park, Young Yul- 박영율
16. Park, Eun Ae-      박은애
17. Kim, Keun Joong-김근중
18. Park, Sung Sik-    박성식
19. Sohn, Jin Hee-     손진희
20. Kim, Kwan Soo-   김관수

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