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2019. 5. 20

Emography Special Exhibition by Huh Hwe-Tae
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Emography Special Exhibition by Huh Hwe-Tae  in Sweden i

Durations: Oct 4~ 19, 2014

   Performance: 14:00, Oct 4

   Venue: Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities,

         The National Museums of World Culture

Huh Hwe-Tae, in his singular paintings will be firstly feature as new contemporary artworks in bringing to completion which are blended with pictorial techniques of the modern art and the traditional calligraphic, namely Emography by his own, in letterings based on hieroglyphic, he has been well recognized constantly as a very creative artist by critic scene in domestic and USA, Germany as well.

This fabulous exhibition will be show to the public from 4 October, inaugurating with his own demonstration to 19 Oct. at Concert Hall, the Eastern Museum in Sweden, attended by VIP, public, invited guests of financials and politics.

 Following Germany show, he had been holding the spotlight by public and media during an ‘Encore Exhibition’ planned by Sawhill gallery, James Madison, Virginia, which started from in New York for 7 months in circle , USA, of which had leased in head- line focused upon ‘rocktown’ newspaper and main ABC, FOXS in  live broadcast as well. Thus, the intensified stroke, passing by traces of ink, putting  touch a big brush in once merely, represents a form of eagle is spreading the wings, also in the below deep black ink, fainting a phenomenon which is expressed the oddity of perspective, seems to take a pride its form of majestic mountain.  

In added, in view of work’s story in the sun rising roundly that is supposed form of glaring golden flag, is symbol with the light of a wish in our life, touching by expression with ink strongly, that is anticipated the results of optimistic life in with vibrant energy, laying out their tired shoulder in routine life.  

The feature of sun and black ink as dazzling as a reflective moment that stirring up the conceit and the five senses, feeling through by unsparing the edge of brush, is leading us what we can feel its spirit of artist with energetic and a free, embracing   full of dreams.

Samjoko ( three lags animal ) regards to the living in the sun as a mysterious animal came from  legend of the ancient in Eastern Asia, this is why the sun is ‘Yang’ ,three is numbers of sun, regards as a crow has three limbs by means of interpretation in Heaven, Earth, Human.


In the long run, representation of emography excess over inscriptions on boned, which has a significant meaning of re-created one as the present of sensibility upon the origin of three structures as Heaven, Earth, Human. in the part of head depicted it, different from Chinese, Japanese ‘Samjoko’ rooted on difference of an external shape, by hanging on a crest in curling up roundly, like on a peacock’s head and represents figure in the present. 


Since it was an emography, therefore, if it were the oddity world of another writing, distinguished from painting it expressed by a sense of contemporary as it merely form as language, in which melted down diverse forms, turns into the life its completion works by brushing only a stroke once. In this occasion in Sweden, the exhibition will appear a large group feature of forms on the plane, are born in gathering with a group among a lots of object that has gone to somewhere, and will be show through this exhibition, dreaming of the ‘Creation’ that expanding the life, and an energy, these towards the infinite space of universe is dismantled by changing forms of universe unceasingly, which from the calligraphic are unfold on a plane to the fine art including concept of space.

                         The  World of Emography

What is ‘Emography’? It means that a blending word of emotion and graphic, as an artist, that is compounded with traditional calligraphy and fine art, made it a newest genre by Huh Hwe-Tae, he had, these are all for the result of his endeavors with much sweats and experiences over many years, based on ability of brushwork by practicing its whole styles of calligraphic. It is an aesthetic expression in vivid rhythm that he analyzed and completed with ardent, by the latest artistic style which mixed with traditional calligraphic and painting and seal engraving.

Emography upon him, grasping a moment of the true feature beyond a substantial thing he created, it turns into illustrative thing exquisitely by dint of origin taking profound words in human being, which eventually comes to the excellent creatures, even papers, LED, ceramic, furniture, fashions, engraving, by his diverse art materials.

Commend by Critics

*By Gary Freeburg
 Director, Sawhill Gallery at James Madison University 

The Emography of Huh Hwe-Tae is a window onto the natural world that exhibits a captivating dichotomy of movement and introspection. At once, the movement of his enormous ink-charged calligraphy brush over textured paper brings energy and life to quiet surface. The brush is an extension of the artist's physical spirit as he travels over the paper and works with his materials. The results are bold delineations that seem to be casually created but in fact are carefully thought out and fashioned. When the work is completed and thoroughly considered, the surface tension created by moving inked shapes reveals a pathway toward introspection. As the eye follows the movement of Mr. Huh's Emography, the mind becomes free to wander among the welcoming spirits of contemplation and meditation.

The ink in Mr. Huh's work moves over its surface with no sense aggression or violence. It dwells solely in the spirit of its beauty. His art transcends the logic behind the meaning of visual characters and simplifies the expression of these calligraphic characters for all to understand. The work of Mr. Huh Hwe-Tae is the embodiment of human action and interaction with the natural world 

Brief Biographical Notes :

B.A. in Chinese Culture, Nam Seoul University, Seoul, Korea

M.F.A. in Korean Painting, Sang-myung University, Seoul, Korea

Solo Exhibitions  17 times

- Korean Culture Center, Berlin, Germany (Emography), 2006

- Grand US Traveling Exhibition of Emographic Artist, huh Hwe-tae

-Eastern Mennonite University : The Emography of Huh Hwe-tae: Hartzler Gallery,

-George Mason University : Exhibit of Emographic Artist, Huh Hwe-tae: Mason Hall Gallery

-New York Cultural Center etc.

Selected Exhibitions

-Invited as a Distinguished Artist for the following:

•Taiwan international Colligraphy Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan, 2006

• Korea Grand Art Exhibition, Seoul Art Center,Seoul,Korea,2005.

• Korea Grand Art Exhibition, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea,2004

• Korea Grand Art Exhibition, Seoul, Korea, 2003

• Korea Calligraphic Artist Works Exhibition, Kyunggi University, Seoul, Korea, 2002

• 21 Century Korea Calligraphy Artist Works Exhibition, Sungkyunkwan University Museum, Seoul, Korea, 2001

•International Kapkol Calligraphic Styler Grand Dictionary, Jungwha International Publishing Company,China,2000 and 2001

•Seoul City Grand Calligraphy Work Exhibition, City Art Museum, Seoul, Korea, 1999

•Invited Artist in international Calligraphy Junbok Biennale Exhibition, Jeolabuk-Do Cultural Hall, Jeonju, Korea,1999

• National Grand Calligraphic Works Exhibition, City Art Museum, Seoul, Korea, 1998

• Kangso Province Kapkol Academic Association Exhibition, Gallery of kangso Province, China, 1997

•Hangull(Korean Language) Calligraphy Exhibition, Art Center,Seoul,Korea,1996

•Korea-China Calligraphy Exchange Exhibition, Namkyung Museum, China, 1996

•Korean Seal-engraving Great Exhibition, Woonhyun Place, Seoul, Korea, 1995

•Korea-China Exchanging Calligraphic Works, Art Center, Seoul, Korea, 1995

•Special Art Exhibition, Woonhyun Place, Seoul, Korea, 1994

•Hangul Calligraphic Grand Festival, Sejong Cultural Center, Seoul, Korea, 1992

•International Nanjing Calligraphic Styler Association, National President

Commemoration Hall, Taipei, Taiwan, 1992

•Korea Art Committee Exhibition, Korea National Contemporary Museum, Seoul,

Korea, 1992

•Junnam, Gwangju Recommand Calligrapher Works Exhibition, Namdo Art Center,

Gwangju, Korea, 1989

•Korea Youth Calligrapher Works Exhibition, Art Center, Seoul, 1988, 1990,1993

•Aspects of Contemporary Korea Art, Yeosu International Art Festival, 2008

•Collage, Gwangiu Museum of Art Sangnok Exhibition Hall Inaugural Exhibition,



Since 1975 participated in numerous major exhibitions in Korea and abroad, such as

- Korea Grand Art Exhibition (Calligraphic section), Seoul, Korea

- Grand Seoul Calligraphic Works, Seoul, Korea  , so on


- Grand Prize at Korea Grand Calligraphy Exhibition, 1995

- Special Prize, National Grand Calligraphic Works Exhibition, 1991

- Grand Prize in Calligraphic section, Korea-Canada International Art Exhibition so on


National Modern art Museum, Art Bank

Korea Agency in Culture of arts

Museum of Sangmyung UNIV.

Museum of Kyunggi UNIV.

Museum of Sungkyunkwan UNIV.

GMU(George Mason UNIV.) USA

JMU (James Madison UNIV.) USA

EMU (Eastern Mennonite UNIV.) USA

New York Culture Service

K D Power Cor.

Mire Asset So on.



Member of Korea Fine Art Association

Member of The Korea Watercolor Development Group

Chief Executive IACO





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