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2019. 5. 20

'Figure Out' by Figurative Artists
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What is “figurative”? The dictionary equivalence of it is resemblance, representation and metaphorical. In stark contrast to “literal”, “figurative” is an adjective that is defined as a meaning that is different from the basic denotation and that intriguingly expresses an idea by using language that usually describes something else. Artistically, “figurative” can be interpreted as an art form that is derived from the real object source; a representation of the actual entity.

Figurative art has always played an important role in Malaysian art. It was central to early modern development of Malaysian art as pioneers began exploring Malayan or Southeast Asian figure-types, styles and social subjects. During the time of Malaysia’s independence, figurative art became a powerful tool for expressing modern individual experiences, while at the same time representing the beauty of traditional values and culture.

Nazri Tahir, Hussin Othman, Tan Lu Man and Yuki Tham Yoke In are a quartet who graduated from two different art schools with different styles and backgrounds. Nazri Tahir and Hussin Othman, both graduated from MARA University of Technology (UiTM), whilst Tan Lu Man and Tham Yoke In graduated from the Dasein Academy of Art. All four of them have something in common, which is figurative art.

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from left: Yuki Tham Yoke in, Nazri Tahir, Tan Lu Man & Husin Othman
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Nazri Tahir
Second Chance
2015 / Acrylic on canvas / 213 x 76 cm (each)
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Husin Othman
Buah Bertuah
2015 / Acrylic on canvas / 152 x 183 cm

Tan Lu Man
​The Ladies Rose: Secrecy​
2015 / Oil on canvas /
1 cm
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Yuki Tham Yoke In
2015 / Oil on canvas / 100 x 160 cm

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