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2023. 12. 5

Basel Scope 2016 Swiss- Review
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날 짜 2016-08-02 01:09:48
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Basel Scope 2016
Participating Artists by Korea
IACO & Seoul Contemporary
Lee Ik Ryol
Park Young Yul
Alvin Lee Bung Lyol
Kang Hong Gue
Huh Hwe Tae
Park Jung Nim
Lee Lee Nam
Hwang Sun Tae
Review of Art Basel Scope
What the artists should remind them a few crucial things through the participating this fabulous art show. ? It is to say the rightious one that artists get a chance the distinctive mothod of work as its visual point, another themselves would be taken a spiritual, strong mental to explore its advanced attitude of continuing will. I think because of Basel Scope is a venue not only in order to sale market, but also provide as a gate of the exhibition place of viewing artwork as if new arrival of art commodity for the smart consumers who called it real collectors. Here, the tendancy of artworks are sophistcated to be seen by the viewer at the most unique one in the world,but obviously including the aesthetic substance, the reason why it easily become boresome to the people while they are looking at the artworks, due to a lot of paintings are displayed on mass and concurrency. 
Therefore the majority of consummers who may love to enjoy to find out genuine one or virtuosic thing as far as its aesthetic high value in which showing all kinds of artworks, so the artwork collectors have chosen which may be expected high valuable price in future market. At this view point, I think whole artists who always strive forth his genius and potentials to their artworks shall be conveyed by its visual sense and expert, high value artworks to the viewers, keeping a high spirit not to be lazy, if not to do so, no small number of artists who may faced in diverse difficulties on their living life at the present because it direct concerned with economical problem shall be happen.
Like this, most of Art Fairs aroud the world are to be considered as one of important place of competition for the contemporary artworks what is further cutting edge artworks and adverturous tasty one which are to be attracted and being sold by consumers, these points of view, in line with artists activities for the survival.Nevertheless,authenthic artists who must at their best not only to explore and but to create sustainly its genuineness in their artworks overcoming many obstacles around their living that is not means for only to earn the money.In the long run, at the present, it is fact that most artists who are not unstable but shaking in terms of finacial situation, 
Hence, I think they may have to get two tracks for survivals, ultimately,it is a strategical thought that they necessarily both have the creative mind and get the commercial mind if they were regarding their future's art activities in art ecology, Those art markets are must to be a place where being of co-exist spot, As a patform, keeping useful talks and consultant venue in order to communicate in bridge the gab between the artists and others, such as curators, galleries art lovers, collectors for the mutual profits in the long run.
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