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IACO New Project 2019

Sustainability for Artists


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Function of Art Agent –

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With over 13 years organizing more than 30 international diverse art Exhibitions, IACO cumulates extensive critical acclaim in domestic and across the world . With more than 100 artists and vibrantly active for practical benefits by supporting our agent management. IACO looking for the most brilliant emerging artists to promote for sale and marketing on Intl Art fairs around the world
Director, Alvin Lee Bung Lyol with collectors

l Efficient function in fair market l  


1. Artist's Publicity       2. Value Enhancement     3. System Management      4. Global Scalability      5. Persistence of Artists Brand      6. Creating a distribution infrastructure       7. Marketing strategies for sale       

1. Systematic artists management / International Management of Data Base, promotion of strategic

          exposure (Globalization of Public Relations )

     2. Special Issue of publication / Focus on diversity and differentiation of work promotion
    (Artwork brand power rise)

     3. Opportunity of encounter the largest demanders for artwork and related experts / Platform   .   (Current International Collectors Demand)

    4. Creating a natural cost of works / The recent market trends and market principles create

          objective works (The prices of works in real-time international markets, Oriental shock)

    5. Contextualization of contemporary art / At-a-glance view of the latest overseas art flow

          (Picture + Marketability) flexible market (You can infuse market strategy.)
6. International curating opportunities / Opportunities to link to global gallery
     (You can meet foreign art experts.)

    7. Establish a distribution infrastructure / Global gallery, secure museum connections,

          expand market and maintain mutual cooperation (Construction of international platform)

Director, Alvin Lee Bung Lyol is consulting with viewer

IACO Gallery & Agency-

Artists on Nest

The role of Agent is to tow artists on the global stage and expose and sell their works for continuous activities based on a professional infrastructure. It is a device that promotes, advertises, branding, and maximizes and optimizes the value of the work and is a roadmap of production lines that show the global art market. Therefore, to expand the scope of the artist's activities, it is necessary to continue to discover new artists and to operate professional agents actively in overseas markets. With these international information, strategies and extensive experience and infrastructure in the international art market until recently.

IACO-Korea has a comparative advantage over any existing art company in Korea. Based on the excellent  international exchange experience, paradigm of competition strategy in international markets, and differentiated mechanisms for various international art fields, the organization has a firm belief in the successful execution of this project as it has secured excellent infrastructure conditions, data management, information and computing in terms of competitiveness of the current art industry.

Current status of international art market / Market Share - 1. U.S. (25%) and China (25%)3.U.K. (22%) and others (China's rapid growth over the past five years)
- Korea's top 10 entry targets for 5% growth potential analysis (currently 0.5% level of 2012 data)
- Rapid rise in Chinese market share – current 25 percent or more - ranking fluctuation in 2013 (previously controlled by U.S. shareholders)

The Korean art auction market / Lack of awareness about the art industry, lack of knowledge on investment, and lack of information to gain global market share (currently 0.5% ---5 %) urgent to develop art industry - fostering experts in the art industry and expanding international administrative power - inducing mass production of potential collectors, and increasing interest in art (in case of overseas investment).


Alvin Lee, Bung Lyol - Director IACO                                                                         

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