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2023. 11. 29

Review 1-Scope Miami 2019
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날 짜 2019-12-17 11:37:36
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Reporting over 73,000 visitors throughout the week, SCOPE continuously reached capacity with lines stretching across the beach and over the dunes. Exhibitors were ecstatic as the pace of sales consistently grew. Thinkspace, a founding New Contemporary gallery, placed a record-breaking 110 works. Thinkspace co-owner Andrew Hosner reflects, “Our 10th year in Miami was our most successful to date, and it has been amazing to grow with the SCOPE family over the past decade.”

Haven Gallery found great success at this year’s edition with Kukula and Naoto Hattori. Gallery Owner and Director Erica Berkowitz reflects, “SCOPE’s celebration of the New Contemporary art movement has resulted in a dynamic and culturally relevant platform for emerging and established artists of this genre. Through this support, we have noticed stronger connections and sales for our artists and the overall propulsion of the movement.”

Mirus Gallery had its most profitable SCOPE to date, surpassing past sales figures and seeing near sold-out work by Okuda San Miguel and Hueman. Additionally, patron Jessica Goldman Srebnick acquired a significant Sandra Chevrier piece. 

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