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IACO 회원근황 
JEMA K-Art Spirit 치유와 회복의 공간展 04-14
Park, Young Yul -Recent Works Review 02-25
The Poem in Aesthetic of Apocalypse by Alvin Lee, bung Lyol -시화집 02-09
Public Art Project in Ubarn City by Back gong Artist 02-05
Ko, Young Il 고영일 Scope in NewYork 2020 01-09
Heo, Eun Young / 19th Solo Exhibition 2019 11-05
Recent Info- Alvin Lee Bung Lyol-이붕열 10-02
Recently Info - Alvin Lee Bung Lyol-이붕열 10-02
박은애작가 개인전 10-19
허은영 개인전 09-23
정해광展 03-19
이영미展 05-07
M E C E N A T 08-21