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                Welcome to IACO

IACO (International Art Cooperative Organization )

IACO would be conducted to establish in Asian region and the world widely and wish they could be able to join with us, mutually forming the international network system for an art's information.
In present ,21c It is time to need the paradigm toward arts and culture which demands for renovating in the field of art's structure overall and need a new concept such as art network system of the world , focus on enhancing the artist's activities and artist's privilege of life, both should be cared for the standard living in the occasions of economical down turn.
IACO is bounding toward an aim that networks in art information and exhibition will be expanded much more effectively by using this system, also try to extend art's market trends.
We'll try to handle for coexisting the development of arts and culture through the art' information network's system, not only to cooperate with each countries for international exhibition and seminar , to exchange better ideas in positive and but also, IACO is going to share together with them and even many kinds of beneficial things resulted in our endeavor.
We'll work hard to create the brand new of cultural value in the world society through such an oriental worth due to the geometrical situation that transcend by Asian spirit and abundant culture.

lastly, we'll try our best in efforts and contribute to the artists who faced in difficulties from shrinking of their activities , hope the Asian arts would be a centre of the world.

The purpose of IACO

Now the contemporary society is struggling in the dualism that high technology has became a tremendous development ,at the same time a heading competition in the strict stage where must be had a winer or looser. Such fact is that the poverty of culture and inhuman both are getting worse. In this situation, the majority of artists in recent who is losing the chance to product a lots of prominent artwork ,despite of they've been a great role of forwarding step for the advance of human being, therefore ,the artists are getting bitter their painful status in present. at the same time, this serious matter is a big burden for the artists who wouldn't expect a bright future. There is nothing a safe security in their society.

Fortunately, recent the paradigm of capital for investment is changing into a diverse way, such as the bank, stock, funding etc. which utilized by banking system, the people who began to recognize a worth investing for an art work, out of from saving the way of finance which is the only way to increase their possession by the banking system.
Because of lacking in art management and inefficient system for an art, professional mechanism ,lacking of consulting program for an art, so we truly felt the necessity of changing for the art market trends , in order to revitalize the art market

Accordingly, IACO deeply acknowledged a tendency of society in the reality, and then to make a road map of forwarding the future for artists through as these, and shall conduct a new creative worth, we shall be contributed to the advancement of our own culture and arts, and start a new voyage bound to the blue ocean from the beginning of art business.

1,Contents of business & direction

* Art field in IACO
Asian value /
Deviating from the category that is centralized toward the western civilization historically, we prefer to be sublimated by that key word , to restore the Asian worth of our own mentality situated Asian region by means of the geometrical mankind civil

1, Network System For Art's Information/ the pursuit of benefits for artists
through this system
2, Marketing Strategy/ looking for diverse way of art market
3, Artists Welfare & Rights/ practical and beneficial helps for art activities
4, Art's Administration in Global Standard/ adopt the art management for arts
5, Culture of Donation/ Contribution / participating in fund raising as an artist for society by way of donating artworks

* Promoting the Int'l art market and practical Int'l exchanging exhibition by using
this network system for art information
* Planning of Asian Auction/ Concentrating art market into the Asia , making a feature of Asian worth distinguished from a western format.
* Art Camp / Invite the artists to the art camp in IACO , provide art studio and working space other facilities for artists in available , exhibited their artworks in Museum or Gallery. also treat for sale after exhibition's over.
* Holding the forum, seminar, International art conference, etc. giving an opportunity concerning of art information and art knowledge for art lover, collector, ordinary peoples, so let them to appreciate it.
* Searching for a new trends of marketing system , get more familiar with the people.
* Planning of Art Valley/ Theme Art Park- Constructing of Art Village Preparing
for Museum, Art Shop, Art studio, Sculpture Park, Rest Site, Pension, Silver town, build as multi purpose of Art space which for the people who want to enjoy an art and culture.

* Supporting Projects for artists/ Plan of connecting patron who wish to donate
for society as a charity fund, inducing a membership to be registered in IACO
* Art Rental Service System/ If a patron or supporter for the artists who became a Mecenat's membership, we'll provide art works to them in temporary as their favorite things according to by the some rules of art rental system on our data base .

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