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2024. 5. 27

Review-Artkorea London2017
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날 짜 2017-01-28 15:07:28
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REVIEW - Focus on 'Artkorea London
2017' consecutively co- organized by Le Dame Art Gallery and IACO Korea was successfully exposed at Le Dame Art Gallery in Melia White House Hotel which will continue exhibiting until 1st FEB. In fact, main event, Artrooms2017 with 3rd editions which is focused on independent artists who were rigidly chooen by artrooms selection committee. Accordingly in this occasion, for Korean artists who obviously has a precious opportunity to be displayed on same place where was more than an significant art show up to date with prominant Korean contemporary art, by co-exhibiting their works at the special showcase,while provoking issue of spiritual values and its unique works with singularity and mysterious mothod of which came from far East. Meanwhile, Artkorea London 2017, as the 2nd editions therefore was to be explored new era among Korean cotemporary art history, caused by showing a large range of artworks over 70 pieces along with Artrooms in London.Particlarly, in this year, it is a fabulous art event that we pleased to announce to the audience as exceptional artworks in UK at the beginning of 2017.
We all thanks to the dedications and endeavor by organizer, Artrooms, with their staff are to be made the vast success ever.
Outstanding Korean Artists
1.최 철/ Choi, Chul
2.최송대/ Choi, Song Dae
3.박혜경/ Park, Hae Keung
4.전지연/ Jeon, Ji Youn
5.이영균/ A Ryung
6.김연희/ Kim, Yeon Hee
7.박영율/ Park, Young Yul
8.이성구/ Lee, Seong Ku
9.이익렬/ Lee, Ik Ryeol
10.이근화/ Lee, Geun Hwa
11.홍승표/ Hong, Seung Pyo
12.이희춘/ Lee, Hee Chun
13.조백리/ Cho, Baek Ri
14.김민주/ Kim, Min Ju
15.구상희/ Koo, Sang Hee
Guest Artists by 1 PCS
16.이붕열/ Alvin, Lee Bung Lyol
17.김관수/ Kim, Kwan Soo
18.박성식/ Park, Sung Sik
19.김원용/ Kim, Won Young
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